Paintball "with a jihadi flavour"

Toronto 18 trial hears of ‘jihadi flavour’ paintball
Last Updated: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 | 4:33 PM ET
The Canadian Press

A trial in Brampton, Ont., was told Tuesday that participants in a militant training camp played paintball “with a jihadi flavour” as a substitute for combat.
The court heard that an alleged terror cell videotaped its military-style activities in the hopes jihadi leaders overseas would help the group advance its plot.
Three people are on trial, charged with various terrorism offences as part of the so-called Toronto 18 group.
The Crown alleges the men were led by accused Fahim Ahmad, and plotted to attack Parliament, electrical grids and nuclear stations.
The first witness, a police informant named Mubin Shaikh, testified that Ahmad led a terrorist training camp in December 2005 in Washago, Ont., which the other two accused — Asad Ansari and Steven Chand — attended.
Shaikh said camp participants engaged in target practice, obstacle courses and paintball games.
“Paintball was a substitute for combat with a jihadi flavour. It was paintball with Muslim combatants,” Shaikh testified.
He testified that another camp participant, Zakaria Amara, wanted to videotape their activities to show jihadi leaders in Afghanistan because he hoped they would send them people to carry out their plot.
“[Amara] told me we were going to send [the videotape] to jihadi leaders overseas in Afghanistan and they would in turn send up people — highly trained people — to advance our operational capability,” Shaikh said.
In total, 14 people attended the camp.
‘Weed out undesirables’
“The purpose of this initial camp was to weed out undesirables from the group and to promote others to a higher level of training at another camp that would happen in the spring,” he said.
The three men on trial all have been charged with participating in a terrorist group.
Ahmad is also charged with instructing people to carry out activities for a terrorist group and a weapons offence.
Chand also faces a charge of committing fraud over $5,000 for the benefit of a terrorist group.
The men have pleaded not guilty to all charges.
The trial continues.

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