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Gavin Boby not misguided 0

Gavin Boby not misguided

Gavin Boby not misguided By Janice Fiamengo, The Ottawa Citizen February 4, 2013 Re: Mistaking Islamism For Islam, Jan. 28. Valerie Price (ACT! For Canada) and I are bringing British lawyer Gavin Boby to...

Janice Fiamengo:Fact-Busters and the “Mosque-Buster” 0

Janice Fiamengo:Fact-Busters and the “Mosque-Buster”

Fact-Busters and the “Mosque-Buster” February 8, 2013 By Janice Fiamengo Comments (46) Gavin Boby is a British lawyer who established the Law and Freedom Foundation in 2011 to work with communities to resist Islamization,...