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Filipino to-be-deported nanny remains in Canada on humanitarian grounds

Nanny spared deportation with reprieve from immigration ministerLilia Ordinario Joaquin, a live-in caregiver facing deportation for “working without authorization,” is granted exemption to proceed with immigration application.

By:  Immigration reporter, Published on Fri Aug 22 2014

Lilia Ordinario Joaquin, who worked under the table as a nanny while waiting for her immigration papers, celebrates after learning that Ottawa has exempted her from deportation.

Joaquin’s deportation exemption comes after a Star story detailed how the 52-year-old mother of five felt forced to work under the table while waiting for a work permit amid an immigration backlog.

Wednesday’s letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada said she did meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status under the live-in caregiver program.

“Humanitarian and compassionate factors were assessed for the purpose of determining whether to grant an exemption from certain legislative requirements to allow your application for permanent residence to be processed,” said the two-page letter.

“On August 20, 2014, a representative for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) approved your request for an exemption from these requirements for the purpose of processing this application: Misrepresentation.”

The exemption — and the approval of the application in principle — means Joaquin’s deportation is automatically suspended by law.

“Lilia is over the moon about this decision and so am I,” said Joaquin’s lawyer, Jennifer Stone, of Neighbourhood Legal Services.

“I commend CIC for doing the right thing in the end for Lilia, and that compassion and common sense prevailed,” said Stone. “I am only disappointed that it took a year and a half of concerted advocacy to get this result.”


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