Can’t we all just get along?

Yes, Vancouver may have sparkling towers set in a gorgeous, natural setting of mountains, ocean and fresh air but we seem to have forgotten our manners and that’s making the city unlivable, at least according to one resident.

Vancouver drivers need to pay a bit more attention to the road, according to one UBC professor.

Truly livable cities are made up of citizens who are polite and respectful to one another, says Bruce McManus, Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, at the University of British Columbia.

As a guest of B.C. Almanac on CBC Radio One, McManus said Vancouver may consistently rank high among the world’s most livable cities but those rankings leave out the ‘civility’ factor.

“We have the opportunity as a community to actually elevate our game and be number one as the most livable because we are the most civil large community in the world,” McManus said.

McManus what he calls “mom’s index of incivility” should be included in criteria for a livable city.

Here’s his top peeves about Vancouver’s rude residents.

  • Loser Litterbugs: People throwing cigarette butts, restaurant wrappers and even condoms on the streets, often near trash cans
  • Petulant Pedestrians: Walking side-by-side on the sidewalk or seawall, blocking elevator doors, clogging grocery and restaurant aisles, refusing to get out of the way.
  • Transit Troublemakers: Blocking exits, not moving back, refusing to give up seats to the elderly, bad hygiene, loud music, abusing transit drivers.
  • Bad Bicyclists: Riding on sidewalks, blowing through stop signs and red lights, general sense of entitlement.
  • Demon Drivers: Running lights, rolling through stop signs, talking or texting on phones, leaning on the horn.
  • Stupid Smartphoners: Loud talkers, sharing way too much information no one else wants to hear.

Callers to B.C. Almanac had plenty of examples of incivility; from a transit rider refusing to give up his seat to a blind senior to another rider giving up their courtesy seat on the bus only after giving the requester ‘the finger’.

However others say people are polite in B.C. A couple who moved to Chilliwack from Winnipeg say they have found young people to be much more civil here.


Vancouver is the most ‘Asian’ city outside Asia. What are the ramifications?

What is the significance of Metro Vancouver becoming the most “Asian” city outside Asia?

Forty-three per cent of Metro Vancouver residents have an Asian heritage, which is a much higher proportion than any other major city outside the continent of Asia.

Based on Statistics Canada reports, the number of those with Asian roots in Metro Vancouver will continue to grow at a faster rate than the non-Asian population.

Around the globe, the only major cities {with more than one million population} outside Asia that come close to Metro Vancouver for their portion of residents with Asian backgrounds are San Francisco (33 per cent Asian), London, England (21 per cent), Metro Toronto (35 per cent), Calgary (23 per cent) and Sydney, Australia (19 per cent).