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Chinese province of Guangdong opening trade office in Vancouver

Press Release issued today, Sept 25, 2014


VANCOUVER – The Chinese province of Guangdong today announced the opening of a trade office in Vancouver – the first of its kind in Canada – and Premier Christy Clark was on hand to mark the strengthening of this important economic relationship.

The historic trade office opening was one of several announcements made during Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan’s three-day visit to B.C. Other announcements include an action plan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the B.C.-Guangdong sister-province relationship and a memorandum of understanding between the B.C. government and the Guangdong Sub-Council of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Bradley: Christy Clark and her government have no qualms about the cultural ramafications of Canadian/B.C. integration with the nation of China. The act in a unilateral manner, never asking B.C. residents and voters if this societal direction is a path the majority want to take.

 “This new trade office in Vancouver is another milestone in the rich history and is increasing ties between B.C. and Guangdong,” said Clark. “As sister provinces, B.C. and Guangdong already enjoy cultural, economic and trade ties. The new office, the action plan, and the MOU signify Guangdong’s confidence in B.C. as an investment and trading partner.”

Bradley: Has anyone asked B.C. residents about their confidence in the Guangdong province? The answer is no, because everyone already knows the answer: we have none.

At the event at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Zhu unveiled a plaque for the inauguration of the Guangdong Economic and Trade Representative Office, which was witnessed by Minister of International Trade Teresa Wat and Chen Qiuyan, president of the CCPIT Guangdong Sub-Council. The office will promote bilateral trade and investment relations between the two jurisdictions, further strengthening trade andcultural ties that span decades.

Bradley: Has B.C. Minister of the Multicult Teresa Wat EVER said no, or made negative or disapproving comments of ANYTHING leading to the assimilation of Asian and Canadian culture? Is she not aperpetual advocate of the decline of  Canadian sovereignty, identity, and cultural preservation? 

“The fact that Guangdong chose Vancouver as the home of its first trade office in Canada has demonstrated the great importance Guangdong attaches to our 20-year long sister province relations,” said Zhu. “With the establishment of trade offices in each other’s province, Guangdong and B.C. will be more closely related than ever.

Bradley: Notice how EVERY PIECE of information delivered on these topics always positions China as doing Canada/B.C./Vancouver a favour? They “bestow upon us” official tourist destination status. The “choose” Vancouver to be the benefactor of their altruism regarding Canada-China cultural integration. There is a word for this: PROPAGANDA.


Bradley Saltzberg

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