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OTTAWA: Gloucester-Southgate candidate Meladul Haq Ahmadzai wants to implement Islamic rules at city hall

Candidates have some wacky notions 

ron-corbettBY , OTTAWA SUN


If Mike Maguire can sit down yet — after the thorough spanking he received this week over his transit plan — I want him to know the worst is probably behind him.

And for what it’s worth, when Election Day comes around, I don’t think his transit plan will be seen as the worst idea of the campaign.


Why just this week a candidate in Gloucester-Southgate sent out a press release saying he would adopt sharia law at city hall if he were elected.

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai says sharia law would “restore transparency and accountability at city hall.”

Not a lot of reporters attended his sharia law press conference, nor has Ahmadzai been interviewed all that often, despite his press releases always ending with the cheerful reminder that “the media is welcome to ask questions.”

Perhaps this shows a mainstream media bias, not asking questions of a young candidate, even when you’re welcomed. Although I suspect it has more to do with busy people working on deadline.

Dumb idea. Have to pass. (Although the mainstream-media-bias story is always fun and entertaining.)

The media might also not be spending a lot of time covering the campaign promises of Alexander Aronec. Although he is not a household name in Ottawa, the West Carleton-March candidate proudly tells us on his website that the West Carleton Review thinks:

“Alex Aronec often appears a promising young Liberal, offering centrist views but with an optimistic flare.”

The newspaper does not say what he appears like the rest of the time.

As for the Aronec campaign, it has three core planks, the third of which is, “bringing more rural identity and values to the day-to-day operations of the City of Ottawa.”

I have no idea what that means. Wear-plaid Fridays? Line dancing?

Then there’s Darren Wood, running against Maguire and Watson for the job of mayor. You can’t really say Wood has bad ideas because he offers up so few of them.


Wood claims to have “saved a business (Fallsview Casino) that was put on hold by a mayor similar to Watson … I alone am responsible for the jobs that were saved.”

He goes on to describe himself as the, “stray dog people would rather kick than feed” then wraps up his populist pitch to the little guy by saying: “If I don’t fight for them, who the hell will?”

(Let me take a stab at that one. Everyone doing that job now? No, it’s a trick question. It has to be.)

Anyway, you can keep going down the electoral list and find bad ideas. Ian Bursey, running in Barrhaven Ward, is promising to increase police presence on the “side streets of Barrhaven.” (We’ll get around to solving the people-shooting-people-downtown problem after we’ve cleared up the Barrhaven crime spree.)

Bay Ward candidate Brendan Mertens is running on an anti-fluoride platform. Capital Ward candidate Espoir Manirambona, wants OC Transpo to be run more like the bus service in Estonia. Kim Sheldrick wants backyard hens.



CIR: Read more about Meladul Haq Ahmadzai




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