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Mischa Popoff: It’s about time Canada lost its innocence

It’s about time Canada lost its innocence

Posted: Monday, October 27, 2014 6:00 am

Mischa Popoff | 18 comments

For years now, Liberals and New Democrats have pretended Islamic terrorists deserved to be treated with kid gloves.

They said the Bush-Cheney doctrine was distinctly un-Canadian and that aggression only gave rise to more terrorism.

But the cold-blooded killing of two of Canada’s soldiers last week puts the lie to this defeatist approach.

How did a proud nation that helped defeat Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, imperial Japan and the communist Soviets sink to the point where two of our men in uniform had to be murdered in cold blood on our own soil before we would collectively awaken from this isolationist trance?

First, we were told Maher Arar was tortured in 2002 when American intelligence pulled him off a flight and sent him to Syria for questioning about his ties to terrorists. He never proved his claims of torture and never denied having numerous conversations over the years with known terrorists.

And yet, Arar wheedled $11 million out of us because we didn’t demand that the Clinton administration release him without questioning him.

Then, we were introduced to the Toronto 18 in 2006, a group of thugs who planned to behead our prime minister amid a mass-murder spree in Ottawa.

This was followed in 2009 by the Shafia family murders in Kingston, in which the three teenage Shafia sisters, along with a 50-year-old friend, were drowned in a car in the Rideau Canal.

Do not draw conclusions, Canada’s liberal elite admonished.

Then came Omar Khadr. No one could deny Khadr was a terrorist, having been captured on the battlefield after killing an American medic who was trying to help him. So Liberals and New Democrats charged that the government of Canada violated Khadr’s rights by failing to demand his immediate release from Guantanamo prison based on the false claim he was a child soldier.

All the while, Khadr’s mother and sister championed him as a proud soldier of Islam, something which should have stripped this murderer of his rights under the rules of war.

Justin Trudeau put himself at the head of Canada’s Islam-apologist movement. And when anyone criticized him, they were labelled Islamophobic. Jonathan Kay of the National Post provides the most egregious example of this, chastising Ezra Levant of Sun News merely for reporting the fact Trudeau has surrounded himself with Islamic advisers for his upcoming run to replace Stephen Harper as prime minister.

Events have now outstripped the politics. Pretending Islam is just another religion has now become a fool’s errand as damaging as pretending international communism was a grassroots movement.

The time has come to get tough on radical Islam, precisely as Canadian Muslims like Tarek Fatah have been urging us to do for years now.

We need to cut down on immigration from countries that practice Sharia, i.e. the covering of women, the stoning of women and gays, and the imperative to either convert or kill non-Muslims. We should ban Sharia within our borders.

We need to cut off all foreign aid to Sharia-practising nations and investigate mosques across Canada for those who incite violence against non-Muslims.

Finally, we must reject the notion there is a benign form of jihad. Apologists for Arar, the Toronto 18 and Khadr have tried claiming jihad is simply a personal quest for piety. This is a lie.

Jihad means, and has meant since the seventh century, the murder of innocents. It must be rejected and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is no time to hide behind the false pretense of an isolationist innocence that only ever existed in our own minds.

Mischa Popoff has a degree in the history of science and is a policy adviser for The Heartland Institute.

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