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Quebec union apologizes for liquor store video questioning Indian and Pakistani salespeople’s alcohol knowledge

Quebec union apologizes for liquor store video that singled out immigrants

A Quebec union apologized for a video they recorded to promote provincial government liquor sales that singled out immigrants.

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 An image from a re-edited video released by the Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux that initially contained controversial remarks that singled out immigrant business owners from India and Pakistan.
 By: The Canadian Press, Published on Thu Nov 06 2014

CALGARY—Representatives of a Quebec union say they did not intend to offend anyone when they recorded a video promoting provincial government liquor sales that singled out immigrants as inadequate salespeople.

The video, recorded in Alberta, included comments from a French-speaking man suggesting private liquor sales in the province have resulted in a poor level of customer service.

The unidentified man asserts that immigrant business owners from India and Pakistan are uninformed salespeople when it comes to the sale of alcohol.

Following a backlash from outraged residents of Quebec and Alberta, the union, the Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux, issued an apology and announced its decision to remove the controversial remarks from the video.

Devinder Toor owns 14 Alberta liquor stores and has been in the alcohol sales business for 14 years.

He says he and his staff stay on top of available products in the market.

“We are very confident,” explains Toor. “The staff works to answer all the needs of the customers. We try to put the best value for the customers in terms of knowledge, prices and everything.”

Toor says Alberta’s decision to privatize liquor sales was a great thing for small business owners, customers, and the provincial government.

“It created a lot of business opportunities and it’s good for the government because the revenue stream is consistent,” explains Toor. “To be competitive you need to look around the market.”


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