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FORT MCMURRAY: Over 10,000 Muslims have settled in the city so far

A day in Fort McMurray: Upgraded trucks, million-dollar homes and bitumen paintings


Special to The Globe and Mail


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Canada has staked its future on the oil sands. In November, Report on Business magazine together with Thomson Reuters examine what that means both at home and abroad. Read more from the issue at tgam.ca/oil.

A typical day in Fort McMurray — the city of 77,000 where the median age is 31 years old. Life revolves around work, family, religion and blowing off steam at the end of a long day.

An aerial view of Fort McMurray, which has a population of roughly 77,000 up from just 2,500 in the late 1960s.

RCMP officers detain a group of people behind the Boomtown Casino on a Saturday night.

Kashif Hussain, a quality assurance manager for Suncor (with his daughter, Noor), is one of more than 10,000 Muslims who have settled in Fort McMurray in the past two decades.

Fort McMurray’s lone mosque was built back in 1989 to accommodate just 250 worshippers — which means Friday prayers for these Muslims are held at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Timberlea.

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