Stephanie Taylor/ for Metro Employee Mehmet Iskin poses for a photo next to the newly unveiled sign at ISANS, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia

ISIS, better known in Nova Scotia as Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services, has a new name.

Director of operations Gerry Mills said the reason why the Halifax-based organization, which works to support new immigrants, made a name change to the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia on Wednesday is “pretty obvious.”

She said many clients and community members felt the old name —which shared the same acronym as the terrorist jihadist group — should be changed so as not to confuse or trigger anyone.

The “tipping point” came when new clients began to mistake the organization with the militant group.

“It became very difficult for us,” Mills said Wednesday. “I don’t think anyone will question why we’re changing the name.”

She said the name change will also ensure that clients who may have had past run-ins with the terrorist group are not “re-traumatized.”

However, Mills stressed that after all it’s just a name, and the organization will continue doing the same work they’ve done for years.

She said the organization recently launched a new campaign under the hashtags #BuildingNSTogether and #ISANS to encourage more Nova Scotians to get involved with helping new immigrants feel at home.

“We don’t want to focus on our name, we want to focus on what we do,” she said.

“For us, it’s business as usual.”