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Ottawa’s first 2015 baby is Mohammad Lazim, the fifth child for parents Khalid Lazim and Wadha Mejbel

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The search for Ottawa’s first baby of the year had a bit of a twist.

The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus announced that the twins delivered there were the first babies of the New Year.


But it emerged later on Thursday that the twins were not Ottawa’s first babies of the year, but and were actually the second and third births.

The official first baby was born at 12:01 a.m. at The Ottawa Hospital’s General campus. Mohammad Lazim, weighing in at 7.3 pounds, is the fifth child for parents Khalid Lazim and Wadha Mejbel.

The Lazim family welcomes their new baby Mohammad. The first baby born in Ottawa in 2015.Shannon Lough / Ottawa Citizen

The Ottawa Hospital didn’t receive consent to release information about the family until Thursday afternoon, and “without their consent, the hospital can’t disclose any information about our patients,” hospital spokeswoman Pauline Tam explained.

Mohammad quietly slept, tucked under a reindeer print blanket, while his siblings played around the room. The parents moved to Ottawa from Kuwait in 2000, and this is the third child they’ve had in Canada. They now have four boys and a five-year-old girl, who constantly wore a smile on Thursday.

“For me it was a surprise,” Khalid said about his son being the first baby of the year. He then added that he felt honoured.




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