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MISSISSAUGA: Marilyn Ely Reid facing deportation to Venezuela

Jan 29, 2015 |

‘Nurse’ who used caulking gun to inject silicone into women’s buttocks facing deportation

Marilyn Ely Reid

Marilyn Ely Reid, 48, originally from Venezuela, pleaded guilty to eight counts of aggravated assault.

Mississauga News

MISSISSAUGA — A Newmarket woman who injected silicone into the buttocks of several Peel women using a syringe and a caulking gun, causing many of them to develop severe infections and disfigurement, is facing 10 years in jail and deportation after pleading guilty to eight counts of aggravated assault.

Marilyn Ely Reid, 48, originally from Venezuela, pleaded guilty earlier this month. She was arrested in November 2012 after a 28-year-old Brampton woman fell ill after receiving alleged Botox injections. Police said the woman underwent surgery to have the substance removed. Others experienced disfigurement and developed serious infections, court heard.

A Mississauga woman — who cannot be identified along with the other victims due to a publication ban — is still unable to sit down, defence lawyer Calvin Barry said.

Reid operated a website advertising “buttock, lip and muscle augmentations” as well as Botox, Crown prosecutor Allison MacPherson told the court.

Reid, who is not licensed as a nurse or a doctor in Ontario, assured her customers she had medical training, telling some she was a nurse who trained in Europe or South America, and others that she had been a doctor or plastic surgeon in Spain.

She told her customers the substance used for the procedure was sourced from Colombia and called PMMA, which MacPherson told the court is not approved by Health Canada for use in cosmetic surgeries or procedures though it is used in bone reconstruction surgery.

One of the containers she used was tested and found to be “silicone used in the 1990s,” MacPherson told the court.

For a fee ranging from $1,800 to $7,200 Reid would use a syringe attached to a caulking gun to inject a liquid from a bottle labeled “BioFill” or “Bio-Gel” into her clients’ buttocks.

In one case, A Brampton woman said she met Reid at a Motel 6 in Mississauga in spring 2011 and paid more than $1,000 to have the clear liquid injected into her buttocks.

MacPherson will ask the judge to jail Reid 10 years when she appears for her sentencing hearing February 27. Barry

said his client should get sentenced to time served and be immediately released from custody.

“She is coping in custody and very remorseful for what she has done,” he told The News today. “The time in custody has been a challenge and we will be seeking time served and a long period of community supervision. She will likely be deported.”

Barry added this is a “peculiar case” where there is no reported cases on what the appropriate sentence should be.

“I have never seen such a factual scenario,” he said. “Quite bizarre.”

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