Terrel Joshua Elibox of Augier, Vieux FortTerrel Joshua Elibox of Augier, Vieux Fort, in St. Lucia was found dead after he fell into the ocean while being carried by a kite-surfer. (St. Lucia Police)

Sahab Jamshidi, a Canadian physician from Hamilton apparently on holiday in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, has been arrested after the drowning death of a four-year-old boy, according to local police.

Jamshidi was kite-surfing at Bois Shadon Beach in the town of Vieux Fort when he took Terrel Joshua Elibos, a boy from the town, out in the water, say police.

The boy fell into the water and drowned around 2 p.m. on Sunday. Police searched for the boy until his body was found at nearby Coconut Bay Beach early Tuesday morning.

A Hamilton fitness studio confirmed Jamshidi taught there, in addition to being a physician in the area.

“I’m very concerned,” said the fitness studio manager, who wished not to be named. “He’s an absolute angel.”

She added that Jamshidi was an “avid kite surfer.” When asked if taking a four-year-old kite surfing would be consistent with Jamshidi’s personality, she responded, “He’s a doctor, so I trust his judgment more than anyone else’s.”

Jamshidi is not listed with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, but a previous report in the Guelph Mercury describes a person with the same name and age who was a trained doctor in the U.S. and awaiting medical residency in Canada.

In that story, Jamshidi aided a distressed Guelph man while biking on Hamilton trails.

Police said he had been scheduled to leave the St. Lucia on Thursday of this week.

No charges have been laid, but Jamshidi remains in police custody and is co-operating with the investigation.