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OTTAWA: Two men charged in beating of terrorism suspect Carlos Larmond

Update: Two charged in beating of alleged terror twin at Ottawa jail

Published on: March 11, 2015
Last Updated: March 11, 2015 2:10 PM EDT
Carlos Larmond was badly beaten at the Ottawa jail.

Two men have been charged with assault causing bodily assault in connection with the savage beating last week of Ottawa terrorism suspect Carlos Larmond, 24, at the Innes Road jail.

The accused were identified as Michael Clarke and Terrence Wilson.

Larmond, who was arrested in January with twin brother, ‎Ashton, was jumped by two white inmates last Tuesday right before lunch. The terrorism suspect didn’t throw a single punch during the surprise attack. He kept his arms up in a defensive position as the two inmates repeatedly punched him.

The attack, captured on video, left the accused terrorist with a broken left arm, a fractured left orbital bone and substantial head injuries.

Larmond was transported to the Civic Hospital under guard and later escorted back to jail.

The attack remains under investigation by Ottawa Police Service detectives.


‎‎The RCMP terrorism probe against the Larmond twins is anchored in wiretapped cellphone conversations, and Mounties also intercepted their text messages.

Carlos Larmond was arrested on a Friday night in January at the Trudeau airport as he waited at the gate to board a flight to Frankfurt. The RCMP seized his luggage but did not find any incriminating evidence.

He had a return ticket, and back then, no criminal record. He does now, after quietly pleading guilty to drug charges in Gatineau two weeks ago. The outstanding charges were from a few years ago after a night at a strip joint. The Quebec cops pulled him over on suspicion of drinking and driving as he pulled away from the club. He hadn’t had a drop, but he had the drugs. A Gatineau judge delivered his penalty — a fine.

The night the Mounties picked Carlos up at the airport on the terrorism charges, they drove him to an interview room and showed him a chair. There was no mixing up the twins at the gate. Ashton, the dominant twin, had had his passport revoked months earlier.

‎They cuffed Carlos after he checked his luggage and made it through security, waiting to catch a flight with a booked destination of India.


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