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CLAGARY: Middle Eastern man runs down woman on bike, wants to rape her

Driver knocks woman off bike to sexually assault her, police say 


CALGARY — Police believe a man purposely ran down a cyclist with his car to sexually assault her.

The woman was riding on a Calgary street at about 5 a.m. on March 7, police say, when she was hit by a gold or beige SUV.

Det. Matt Baker said the man — Middle Eastern and in his 20s — picked the woman up and put her in the SUV, where he threatened to sexually assault her.

She fought the man and managed to escape the vehicle, running to a nearby home, police said.

She was taken to hospital, where she remains in serious condition with head injuries.

“Investigators believe this was a deliberate act,” Baker said.

“She believes the vehicle followed her for a short distance prior to knocking her to the ground.”

Police are going through surveillance footage from nearby businesses.


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