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CALGARY: Sean Chu apologizes after linking Ireland marriage vote and bike lanes that ‘screw’ downtown

Published on: May 24, 2015
Last Updated: May 24, 2015 1:49 PM MDT

A Calgary city councillor has said he’s sorry he wrote on Twitter that Ireland voters’ endorsement of same-sex marriage was akin to a Calgary “social revolution” of separated bike lanes that would harm downtown businesses.

Sean Chu, a first-term councillor known for his inflammatory language on social media and at council, composed the tweet Saturday, and it was immediately met with surprise and anger.

The message read: “Congrats, Irish’s ‘social revolution’ on same sex marriage. We’ve our own ‘social revolution’its called ‘screw the D/T businesses’Cycletracks.”

Chu has been council’s most outspoken critic of the newly installed safe cycle tracks on several downtown streets. But he’s not spoken out on same-sex marriage, and some people questioned if he was criticizing it with his message.

“We really need to address how offensive Councillor Chu’s tweet is,” said Mike Morrison, a prominent activist in the recent push for gay-straight alliances to be allowed throughout the school system.

“Sean … No … just……..no,” remarked Kevin Olenick, who has hosted Chu on his local podcast.

Chu apologized by Sunday afternoon, and said he looks forward to marching in the Calgary Pride Parade in September.

“I unequivocally apologize for the tweet. Bad comparison. I absolutely support human & equal rights. I have marched before and will again,” he wrote.


After that tweet, council privately concluded Chu had violated the ethical conduct policy, and he personally apologized to the civil servant.

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