Screen capture/YouTube A security guard gets caught in a heated exchange with an Ottawa taxi driver.

An Ottawa taxi driver is out of a job after he was captured on video shouting a racial slur and profanities at a security guard while allegedly refusing to move his car for an ambulance.

Video footage of the incident was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday.

Coventry Connections taxi service president Hanif Patni said Thursday afternoon the Capital Taxi driver filmed in the video declined an invitation to speak to his employer about the incident.

When asked if the driver was dismissed, Patni said, “he won’t be working with us at all.”

The City of Ottawa has also suspended the driver’s taxi license.

The driver was banned from driving his cab for “public safety reasons” after the video surfaced online, said Patni.

The driver refused to move his car for an ambulance that was assisting a woman near the Rideau Centre, according to the person who uploaded the video.

In the video, which runs just over one minute long, the driver repeatedly shouts profanities to the black security guard before hurling a racial slur from the driver’s seat of his car. Other men outside the cab appear to try to calm the driver down and diffuse the heated exchange.

Patni told Metro late Wednesday the driver’s employer would have to speak to him to find out why “he went completely out of control.”

“It was more than road rage. It was a complete collapse of how one deals with people. We will be making a decision on what penalties we are going to apply,” said Patni.

“Of course, we are all very concerned. This type of behaviour should not occur. It simply is not considered acceptable in any way.”

The driver has been working with the company for a few years, according to Coventry Connections.

Warning: The video contains explicit language. 

The video is available here.