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SOCIETY AT LARGE: Trivializing Rape

August 8, Montreal


A gaggle of feminists with male satellites in tow flocked to Bethune Square in Montreal to manifest against rape culture and peripherally the presence of Roosh V in the city.

The assumption here, for any reasonable person hearing the term rape culture for the first time, is that these women are raising awareness towards sexual violence, which would be more than laudable. Unfortunately, this is very much not the case as it was explained by the first speaker.

During the opening remarks, rape was defined as employment discrimination, racism, intolerance, emotional aggression and another half dozen or so social issues not even remotely related to forceful sexual intercourse. Apparently, third-wave feminists have openly appropriated this horrific word and redefined the crime of rape to include any emotional (but especially female) feelings of powerlessness.2015-08-08 12.32.57_resize

In their view, the term rape is transposed to mean something violent on a purely meta-linguistic level, a sort of brutally poetic description of catching a man peeking at a woman’s cleavage for instance.

However, the common definition of rape is not terribly ambiguous. These girls are using the word because it instantly elicits sympathy. Absolutely nobody but a sociopath would “support” a rape culture, and they hedge on this fact to gather crowds. Their crusade against “rape culture” oversimplifies the world of sexual dynamics, trying to expand the notion of actual rape to other types of interaction (kissing, touching, etc.).

Two ineloquent keynote speakers went on to talk about consent, which they did not even attempt to clearly define. This is consistent with their very overt and awkward attempts to swim in a linguistic morass of victim buzzwords and hazy concepts. Since they have desexualized the term rape, then what is the definition of consent and how does one “obtain” it? No clear answer was given.2015-08-08 12.51.14_resize

The whole gathering was awfully confusing and jumbled in both message and language used, though this is probably by design. The Left has long understood the power that lies in words and language, but this latest iteration of feminism has really gone overboard.

The main takeaway here is the next time you hear the words “rape culture” or that women feel “threatened”, remember that the speaker is not referring to actual rape, but about their feelings of being hurt.

A manifesto entitled “Cunt/Tampon/Ary Art”  (Comtemporary Art, get it?) was distributed as means of sharing the organizers’ message. Yet, no participants we asked were aware of who organized the event. Beyond the utterly overused antifa slogans, what is more than disgusting is the so-called “liberated language” used so freely. The feminists toting the bullhorn seemed to be extremely fond of terms such as cunt, bitch and slut, apparently in an attempt to “re-appropriate” them.

One demonstrated gratitude to the attendees by exclaiming “I’m so fucking glad to see so many people here!”

The public speaking skills on display definitely left much to be desired.

They proudly declared to “…work to de-stigmatize the sex industry, sex workers, and any sexual practice that do (sic!) not conform to the acceptable heteronormative, monogamous, christian (sic!) and fucking boring fucking norms.”

“Any sexual practice?” Paedophilia, incest, zoophilia, necrophilia? There is a lot of sexual reference in their “manifesto” and their frustration and anger seem to be related to their unfulfilled libido and lack of male interest.

2015-08-08 13.22.52_resizeThere was practically no reference to Roosh V even if the demonstration was organized to protest his presence in Montreal.

At a certain point, the spokespersons asked the crowd if anyone wished to share anything. A young man named Mohamed stepped up to the megaphone and asked the organizers to define “consent”.

His gesture was considered aggressive and one female participant threw a handful of sparkling confetti in his nonplussed direction.

She had obviously arrived fully armed for confrontation, but found his outburst unworthy of her entire stash. She kept most of her glitter-filled Ziploc bag for the next “rude” person. It was a bust however, as there were no other interlopers present.

Maybe next time, honey.

The young man was booted out of the area and we approached him to ask a few questions, curious as to why he felt compelled to accept the open-mic invitation.

While CIR was interviewing him, the interview was interrupted by a young man who abruptly asked to stop filming.

Many other participants began to swarm and CIR left the area to avoid any possible altercations.


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