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TORONTO: Police intimidated by leftist crowd, ask PEGIDA supporters to leave “for their own safety”



The RISE CANADA team joined PEGIDA CANADA, who had a permit to hold a rally at Queen’s Park, our legislature.

However, a mob of anarchists and Islamist supporters attacked the event screaming shut it down. The police briefly struggled to hold the mob back, then demanded that Pegida and Rise Canada shut it down.

The police then reassured the mob (you can hear it on loudspeaker) that as per their demands, the event is being shut down.. and then begged the mob to disperse (they did not).

The police were carrying guns and batons and pepper spray, but chose not to make any arrests at all.

It was easier for the police to ask Pegida to end the event than to try to arrest or control the crowd

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=69e_1442693905#SlY2dFc5PPXlVRM1.99

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