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TORONTO: Police admit leftists are “willing to go against police”, ask PEGIDA to leave

On September 20 Pegida Canada held a peaceful rally to protest Islamization and erosion of the Canadian values. Another group scheduled a counter-rally at the same time. The latter was to take place at the south end of Queen’s Park (Pegida’s event was in front of Parliament Building). The counter-protesters were a scary bunch of anarchists, communists, Maoists, bolsheviks, union activists, Islamofascists, supporters of Palestinian extremism, and simple unemployable bums, dominated by the notorious group No One Is Illegal (which wants to open the borders of Canada to everybody).Due to the poor job of the police, the lefty loons quickly surrounded the Pegida rally and yelled threats. At certain point they tried to attack physically the participants and clashed with the police. The clash resulted in injuries and the police chose the easiest way out – they removed the peaceful protesters to accommodate the raging violent mob. The most interesting part of the video is the monologue of the police officer in charge. Addressing the people who were attacked, he admits that an angry mob can always shut down an event they disagree with. That is not very encouraging for the future of Canada, a country that once was ruled by law.Considering that the members of the lefty gang are those who support and vote for the NDP, Canada’s socialist party, it becomes clear what expects us if they ever come to power.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=17f_1442770491#mQCQ22csuept0zzB.99

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