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Regardless of which party comes into power in Ottawa, one thing is evidently clear, the deconstruction of what remains of OUR COUNTRY will continue in haste. This is the reason why people are hesitant to vote or are voting for the candidate or party that will bring about the least amount of damage to Canada. If you have been following the debates, issues surrounding our existential self-determination are purposely avoided or dismissed altogether. This is why we are encouraging Canadians from coast to coast to purposely spoil your ballot with a statement rather than voting for someone you “less bad”. If we do not make a statement at this juncture in time to bring awareness then anticipate the following betrayals to worsen:

1. MASS IMMIGRATION ad nauseam – regardless of how it is categorized, this country is taking the highest amount of people in the world since 1990. Not one study has conclusively shown that this beneficial to our economy or to our society especially in the era of increasing unemployment and strains on our welfare state. Couple this fact that some parties are championing a rebranding of the family reunification class which will mean tens of thousands of elderly or unskilled individuals will be arriving in Canada and taking full advantage of our hospitals and care facilities and social services while increasingly demanding these services be done in their native language. This means longer line-ups and reduced quality of services and puts the entire system in JEOPARDY for future Canadian generations. ALL OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES want Metro Vancouver or Toronto to be the template for every little square corner of Canada.  Mass immigration is costing 30 billion plus per year accordingly to one major study which could be allocated to more needed areas of the country

2. DENIAL OF A NATIONAL CULTURE and supplant with foreign ones – Canadian culture is on the serious wane given it is politically incorrect to acknowledge the historical developments, evolution and unique identity of this country. Our own government and strong lobby groups continue to dismiss local identity. Without an IDENTITY or SUPPORT to PROTECT IT, we have nothing. We are soulless creatures that are labelled ‘immigrants’ and not part of any orthodox imported tribes that have political muscle through lobbying efforts to modify this country accordingly.

3. THE IMPORTATION OF UNSKILLED LABOUR will continue and much of it not needed. It will either come in through a temporary mechanism but no enforcement in place to make these people leave. Or some parties want to simply extend citizenship to anyone that can flip a burger. The local business wins, the worker and his imported unskilled family wins, the politician wins, but the Canadian taxpayer loses.  It will mean YOUR CHILD will may not be able to get a summer or part-time job to get relevant experience and monies for post-secondary education

4. FOREIGN INVESTMENT AD NAUSEAM – this translates directly to massive local displacement from the urban corridors of Canadians to make way for DIRTY MONEY primarily from China. Essentially Metro Vancouver and increasingly Toronto are becoming monocultural enclaves that comprise of non-tax paying residents that use our social services and built their own apartheid like communities. They use words and phrases like ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘Canada is a free country’ to replicate this country here. This is forcing local long-term tax paying residents OUT and replacing them with foreigners who drain our taxes and have NO desire to integrate.

5. COMPLETE ABANDONMENT TOWARDS BILINGUALISM – Expect more and more Mandarin and Punjabi dominant or Mandarin only signage everywhere, relegating YOU to feeling like a stranger in your own country. What is happening is that there is a Chinese supply chain that has developed in this country that can almost fully circumvent the Canadian in all transactions. The fact these people hold Canadian passports does not change the fact that actual locals are being pushed out of the system in a large scale.

6. NO VISION FOR THE COUNTRY – working to protect the middle class they say but let us be honest ALL OF THE PARTIES are playing games with various special interest groups. Many of their venues are held in Mandarin, Punjabi and other languages and offering future citizenship up at a fire sale to orthodox groups that SEE more of their numbers as a symbol of strength and power. Anticipate more unnecessary competition for limited resources and internal strife for the country’s future

7. SUPPRESSED WAGES – All the parties contend that they are working for the middle class and some for the lower classes. It’s blatantly clear, from study after study, that wages and salaries are stagnant and are being suppressed by the incredible amount of labour that is being imported each and every year. Yet each party either wants to maintain or increase this supply of labour through mass immigration.

8. UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING IN CITIES – Housing prices in our major cities are skyrocketing at pace that far exceeds that of the local salary increases. The government continues to thrust people into these real estate markets through mass immigration, temporary foreign workers and foreign students. Pairing up with the huge foreign investment in these markets Canadians are being forced out of the city or forced into ever smaller condominiums.

9. SO MANY OTHER REASONS – we could mention but we are encouraging each and everyone one of you to SPOIL YOUR BALLOTS. See the “How to Spoil the Ballot” tab for our suggestions to spoil the ballot.



Go to the polling booth or mail in your ballot but make a statement on the ballot, take a picture with your phone and send it to us so we can post it to our facebook wall. We are going to COMPILE ALL PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR SPOILED BALLOTS (names withheld if you choose) and send this to all major media outlets. If politicians WANT OUR VOTES, then they need to start addressing issues that are actually important to Canadians. The media may choose to cover this topic to keep things fresh on the newly elected leaders.

If you are going to support the campaign by spoiling the ballot please fill out our survey on our Facebook page. This will allow us to track the effectiveness of the campaign and we will use the information to lobby the politicians to take our concerns seriously.


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