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Trampled Under Foot: The Diversity Industry’s Attack On Traditional Canadian Identity

Trampled Under Foot: The Diversity Industry’s Attack On Traditional Canadian Identity

by Brad Salzberg, November 2015


Canadian history informs us that our country was founded in the year 1867, but you would never know it by our nation’s leading advocates of ethnic and cultural diversity. For these folks— a loose affiliation of government-supported immigration and multiculturalism organizations—our nation may as well have been founded in 1988, the year the Multicultural Act of Canada first came into existence.

Yonge St. in the 1970s

At the time, few understood the true impact of this piece of legislation, and in many respects this continues to be the case. How many Canadians are aware, for example, that for purposes of promoting the cultures of the nations from which they came, 20 billion tax payer dollars have been handed to our largest, wealthiest, and best politically organized “ethnic” communities?

Considering the multi-faceted effect of this policy, however, the financial aspect is not the worst of it. Indeed, it nearly pales in comparison to how multiculturalism has become as weapon to denigrate and disempower the descendants of the founders of our nation—Canadians of European heritage.

How can this be? For decades Canadians have been informed by government and media of the virtues and social benefits of multiculturalism. Has something gone wrong in Canada’s collective journey toward a multi-ethnic utopia?

It darn well has, and if allowed to continue unabated, it will spell the end of Canada as it was defined by the founders of our nation.

Canadians of European origin

Diversity in Canada is not simply a theory, or belief system. It is a fully functioning industry, employing thousands of people working to re-write our history, and redefine our nation. Each day, our leading academics, civil rights lawyers, as well as immigration and multicultural organizations, utilize our tax dollars to transform our nation from an English and French cultural foundation to a borderless, globalist nation-state. Lobbying for increased third world immigration, playing the sympathy card regarding Middle Eastern refugees—these forces are all about the “other”— namely, the never-ending struggles and needs of non-Canadians.

Omidvar wants traditional Canadians to clean out their desks and offer up their work cubicles to “new Canada”— meaning new arrivals, immigrants, refugees and so-called “minorities.”

A quintessential embodiment of this form of pseudo-Canadian is Ryerson University alumni Ratna Omidvar. With a posse of strategic government contacts at her disposal, Omidvar is on a mission not only to fill our nation with as many unproductive, needy third world immigrants as possible, but more insidiously, to dedicate herself to the fine art of disparaging Canadians of European origin—also known as white people.

In positing thought-provoking questions such as “Why is it your board still looks like old Canada?,” Omidvar wants traditional Canadians to clean out their desks and offer up their work cubicles to “new Canada”— meaning new arrivals, immigrants, refugees and so-called “minorities.”

Never mind the issue of who is best qualified for the job. This is not Omidvar’s concern. Why would it be, when for thirty years she has been a leading advocate of the policy of Family Reunification— a program which has brought hundreds of thousands of non-productive, elderly third world migrants to Canada. This, in spite of the fact that a study from two leading Canadian economists informs us this policy has led to a multi-billion dollar economic loss[Canada And The Welfare State, Grady & Grubel 2011].

In 2014, Omidvar, together with various tax payer-funded multicultural organizations, launched a program called DiverseCity Onboard, dedicated to the concept of placing so-called “minorities” into government office. What are the ramifications of such an initiative? Considering there are a finite number of seats in Parliament— 338 at present—this means for every “ethnic” Canadian elected as MP, a “non-ethnic”— meaning white Canadian, would be removed from Parliament. Is this an example of fairness and equality for all Canadians? Not likely. In fact, the initiative is nothing less than a piece of social engineering undermining the true spirit of democratic process in our country. Then again, our diversity industry has never cared much for democracy, let alone the fiscal health of our nation.

Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival in Toronto (a.k.a. Caribana)

Clearly, people like Omidvar and her various organizations— DiverseCity Onboard, Lifeline Syria and Global Diversity Exchange in particular,  have shown our country their true priorities: non-Canadians, refugees and third world immigrants first, Canadians of European origin “at the back of the bus.”

Naturally, with the Syrian refugee crisis at hand, Omidvar and her minions are on a mission to import these people into Canada as fast as can be accomplished.  Writing in the Globe & Mail  that we must get refugees into Toronto “as soon as possible,” Omidvar is not one to place high priority on the security of Canadian citizens. To her way of thinking, the problems of Middle Eastern refugees take precedence over the safety of thirty-five million Canadians. Such is way of “Multicult” Canada.

So, after all the pushing, victim-card playing, disparaging of traditional Canadians, as well as a program to remove whites from leadership positions in business and government, what has become of Ryerson University Alumni Ratna Omidvar? In typical, or even comical fashion, she has been given the Order of Canada!

Canadians with common sense—the few of us remaining after a thirty year propaganda campaign of political correctness— can only shake our heads in wonder as to the fate of our nation. Will Omidvar, Lifeline Syria, and Canada’s Diversity Industry succeed in shaming our nation into submission? Will their victimhood mentality and playing of the “race card’ finally bring traditional Canada to its knees? It remains to be seen, however one thing is for certain— for Canadians of European heritage, our silence is their success.


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