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Facebook: Refugees Welcome Party! #RefugeesWelcomeTO


This December 2015, the Canadian government will bring in the first group of Syrian refugees fleeing the crisis to Toronto. Please join us in throwing them a welcome party at Pearson International Airport!

As Canadians of diverse identities, backgrounds and spiritual paths, we want to join hands in showing these refugees some love and creating a positive first experience the moment they land in Canada.

We’ve seen how other countries have welcomed refugees and because this is Canada, we want to show the world that we are truly the most diverse, pluralistic and beautiful land.

Our diversity is our strength and we feel there is no better way of showing that than to open our arms and be welcoming.

We are communicating with authorities on the date and time of arrival for the refugees. Please stay tuned for updates.

DawaNet is a non-profit organization that has existed for 15 years. We will not be asking you for monetary donations but we will direct you to other charities that we’ve vetted. Please refer to the list under SUPPORTING REFUGEES below for organizations and people who are helping. Any information and appeals for other organizations from our page will be made in public and not through direct messages.

Please be careful of those who are trying to exploit the plight of refugees to pull off scams.

We’ve compiled the resources shared by everyone on this page at the link below. This document is public and will be continuously updated as we receive more information. Please consult this document to find out where you can volunteer or donate. When donating money, please be careful of potential scams that are trying to exploit the plight of refugees.

Visit the IRCC website for more information on how to get involved in supporting refugees:

Please email media@dawanet.ca

Please note that this page will uphold the community standards as defined by Facebook at www.facebook.com/community standards. We encourage respectful behaviour and encourage sharing information to raise awareness. However, we will remove any content that directly attacks or promote hatred against any group based on their protected grounds.


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