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Chinese pagoda unveiled in Saskatoon

Chinese pagoda unveiled in Saskatoon

The Zhongshan Ting Committee donated the new pagoda

CBC News Posted: Dec 12, 2015 4:57 PM CT Last Updated: Dec 12, 2015 5:13 PM CT

  • The zhongshan ting was opened Saturday afternoon in Victoria Park.
  • The zhongshan ting was opened Saturday afternoon in Victoria Park. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)
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The structure hidden inside a large, mysterious-looking white tarp in Saskatoon’s Victoria Park has been revealed. On Saturday, members of the city’s Chinese community unveiled a new zhongshan ting. In the Chinese culture a zhongshan ting is a communal place of worship and fellowship. In English it’s known as a pagoda. The structure looks similar to a North American-style gazebo.   

The Zhongshan Ting Committee donated the new pagoda, a gift to the city valued at over $120,000. It was built to commemorate the first Chinese immigrants and their contributions to early Saskatoon.

“The ting is common to traditional Chinese architecture,” explained committee member Dawn Zhou.

Zhou said a ting is usually found in parks, near bodies of water, and is used as a place of reflection, celebration and commemoration.

Zhou said the process of choosing a design and building the ting took about five years. The group considered many design options and settled on an imperial style.




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