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Merry Christmas to us Canadians – No thanks to Mr Trudeau.

Merry Christmas to us Canadians – No thanks to Mr Trudeau.

As the world turns, an immutable Islamism strategically and rapidly advances practically unimpeded. A well-organized entity – probably too clever for most Western leaders and our Canadian government – which surreptitiously and overtly spreads its evil, massacring loads of Christians including minority Muslims through ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islam extremists in places we often don’t talk about. A perversion of the Muslim faith.

So, it appears that’s up to us, Westerners and true Canadians, to defend our nations against an ultimate evil for which there might be no reprieve for many generations to come if uninterrupted. It won’t be easy! Our adversaries (Islamic allies) are many and some of the best funded individuals and groups around, e.g. cowed politicians, highly politically-correct human rights commissions, mainstream media, academics, anti-Semitists, etc… But, also beware! Such prominent leftists will try hard to intimidate us infidels when we rightfully express concerns about what’s wrong with this country. Although supposedly intelligent, leftists’ misguided reasoning is somewhat unexplainable. Some people believe that the leftist’s mind is unable to relate to external thinking or different points-of-view, unable to compromise, preferring instead to lie rather accept reality… kind of Takiya.

To significantly compound the problem, Mr Trudeau, ostensibly a sincere Islam devotee and advocate, is now at the helm of this nation and may naively transform our peaceful cultures and values to the barbarism of ancient times. Leftists just don’t seem to understand Mohammad’s Islam fundamentalism. Jihad through infiltration as exemplified by Omar Alghabra and suspicions of others in the Liberal party. The Hijra. The ascent towards a Caliphate ultimately.

Let’s face it! Islamists have been telling us numerous times and proved it by committing atrocities we all know about. What else is there to understand? Is personal vanity the preamble of Mr Trudeau’s mandate to harbour such ideas? Is he simply enjoying being controversial and outrageous… a side-effect of arrogance? Or, are the Liberals becoming so hypocritical and disloyal to this country to do whatever is necessary to retain power, e.g. solidify the permanent support of immigrants, refugees, First Nations (revoking the FNFTA?), at the expense of our land and nation? Mr Trudeau! What is it that you’re not getting about Islamism and the chaos in Europe? If governments can no longer serve Canadians ethically and responsibly, major decisions ought to be made through referendum. The Ontario government continues to be incompetent and corrupt, now the Feds?

In the pursuit of Caliphate the world over, Islam totally doesn’t give a damn about our constitution, taking oath, the Charter, politics except to benefit their own objectives and establishing the Sharia (will you interdict this, Mr Trudeau?). Our protocols and customs are simply not part of Islam.  Islam has already manifested itself in many ways in this country, e.g. radical teaching in Mosques, proselytizing in various communities and educational institutions, etc… constant criticism and exploitation of our democratic values and freedoms to advance hegemony and fascism, ultimately our annihilation. Jihad through immigration fermenting an evil ideology and no one seems willing to prevent it, certainly not our pusillanimous politicians and bureaucrats, not even the Governor General apparently! (Shouldn’t there be some exceptional circumstances when the GG ought to intervene or veto?) A one-person decision-maker is disconcerting. Therefore, true Canadians must act now! Speak out! Get your MPs involved! The Canadian way or the Highway! We have to kill this nefarious ideology.

The holocaust was a human tragedy, catastrophe, death of democracy, de-humanization of the victims (this time, us eventually?). World indifference to injustice and complete silence except for the occasional cliché “Never again” which is becoming extinct. The human reluctance and indifference to believe in such evil. Jews and other minorities were not only killed by Nazis but by bystanders. Is Mr Trudeau really incurious about real history and intransigent? Is he nihilistic? Is he going to be a bystander?

Future history might tell of a neophyte, irresponsible and perhaps even stupid Canadian Prime Minister who, against expert advice and rational thinking, preferred to play out his philosophical musings and fantasies and let himself get mesmerized by insane ideologies, and failed to save his nation from being absorbed by Islam. Are Mr Trudeau and his self-serving effete minions contemptuously giving up on democracy and Canadians? Impossible promises that were marketed by theatricals during an election and ongoing did attract a gullible 39% of voters. Granted, these voters may have lost sight of this issue in the myriad of Mr Trudeau’s other charms.

A first wave of new refugee crisis, one that will continue to build through 2016 with results that could be even direr than what unfolded over the past year. A poor vetting process which may get even worst doesn’t seem to be of great concern to many politicians unfortunately. After all, government regulated airport authorities that are supposed to prevent incidents like 9/11, are already in cahoots with leftists by harassing defenders of democracy and freedoms (Robert Spencer)against the Islamic threat. How mind boggling can this stupidity really get? Nonetheless, all the best to those who can succeed in becoming true Canadians. Let’s hope they can assimilate into Canadian society and the children grow up educated and peacefully away from the evil influence of Islamism so that there’s never any regret in our government’s decision to have helped out. But history and the facts are likely prove differently.

In fact, Muslims come back in masses through “peaceful” settlement of immigration, which exploits the flaws of our laws, our democratic principles and our social achievements. One day they will be numerous enough to take power democratically in villages, cities, regions, provinces, our country effectively. This is already on the way.

Perhaps they should not be described “moderate”! For examples of “Arab Spring” taking place before our eyes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, show if it were necessary, that the “moderates” are always crowding by rabid. Seeking only one thing: to apply Sharia and turn our country into Canada “Dar al Islam”, a land of Islam. Just look at the current atrocities against Christians in North Africa,Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc… imagine what would be the fate of our families, our peoples of Judeo-Christian strain! Mr Trudeau! Rest assured that you’re not immune to Islam’s evil strategy! You and your future generations are Kafirs like the rest of us! Second-class humans to be disposed of or at best enslaved!

Canadian politics is a real saboteur to Canadian interests by the lack of fatuity in related policies and decision-making. Raising the number the refugees to 50,000, eh! On top of the annual 250,000? When times are tough? Dumping them callously in already resource-poor communities? Will blathering McCallum show himself in these communities in a couple years’ time? Governments are clueless! Insanity!

Refugees and immigrant might never understand what our destitute and uncared-for disabled veterans are giving up. $millions given away to billionaire-loaded countries of China and Russia to be supposedly spent on climate change efforts when such money would be better spent on our own. Mr Trudeau is uncomfortable discussing what he calls politics of division and fear which are really politics of inequality. Governments are the primary perpetrators of resentment and racism they’ve been concerned about. Canadians don’t appreciate being disrespected and marginalized as second-class citizens. Benefits, e.g. dental services supreme, that most Canadians can’t ever afford! People will become tired of the speciousness in Mr Trudeau’s discourse.

Mr Trudeau! Silence is not an option. Our responsibility (governments and people) is to eradicate this ambient Islamic ideology. Please, stop equivocating! Be lucid! Be thoroughly secular! Be a protective leader of modernity, not a protector of religions of the Bronze Age! This will allow you to avoid being responsible for ethno-religious conflicts in Canada eventually. Knowing the history allows us to avoid the same mistakes and to preserve the gains that have been won at the price of blood.

Please Lord, enlighten Justin to act with probity, financially savvy, to be judicious with his decisions and to lead wisely.


Richard Courtemanche


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