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CBC airs Scaachi Koul ranting about how white people disgust her

CBC airs Scaachi Koul ranting about how white people disgust her 

Morning rave, or boring rave? Scaachi Koul investigates


By Audrey Davis

February 03, 2016

Scaachi tells Shad what happened when she tried (really tried) to stay positive for a whole week.

Scaachi Koul and Shadrach Kabango Source

First of all, the title is grossly misleading the readers as Koul doesn’t make an investigation, but only shares  a personal  rant about an event she chose to attend.

Her rant goes on for about 8 minutes and, in spite of trying to be funny, her true colours pierce the thin layer of failed jocular approach and leave the listener wondering if taxpayers fund CBC for such trash shows.

I am not judging her professed dislike of white people as everyone is entitled to show and support ethnic solidarity.

What is disgusting about her rant is her general tone that projects not only a sense of ethnic superiority, but also a rather disturbing mindset: she really feels unsafe in the middle of a group of white people, but, curiously, she chooses to live in Canada instead of actually moving to her parents’ country of origin for a few months at least. You know, to recharge her batteries.

Inferring that, if these white people woke up early to participate in this event they may have no jobs, while she proudly declares that she can hardly go to “work” (BTW, what work?) around 11AM, reflects her

She sneered during the entire rant, somehow proud of her accomplishment.

Now, let’s move on to the other point.

If this Canadian of Hindu heritage is allowed to be so openly against white people, publicly sharing her dislike of being surrounded by whites, I hope that CBC will also post opinion- articles about  white folks who dislike that  Vancouver and Richmond are so Chinese, Surrey so South Asian and that the new Canadian government is too Sikh as Minister Trudeau  appointed two members of that  community.

Her rant is also bringing up another topic: how harmonious are these artificially multicultural, multiracial communities are and how happy are these non-European immigrants living in a white country?

Her parents came to Canada a few decades ago, when Canada was a lot whiter than today.  I am sure that her parents worked hard to give her a good education and I am also sure that it wasn’t easy for them.

But, I am very sure that they were happy to be in Canada, even if Canadians were mostly white in those days.

I am positive that they felt proud the day they became Canadian citizens. And I am also sure that they felt gratitude.

Koul  was born in Canada, attended Canadian schools and grew up in our culture.

In spite of all these facts, she is obviously unhappy living among white people. I tend to understand her: she dislikes her name, she used to be fat in school,  her skin is neither white, nor brown  and she probably  has a few more issues that bother her.

She is trying to channel this grief into self-sarcasm. Unfortunately, she needs more practice until she will be able to deliver a witty piece. At this point, she has only reached the rant level.

Our society pretends to be shocked when we read about homegrown terrorism as we have this very naïve impression that, if children born to immigrants parents grow up here, they miraculously  “become “ Canadian.

We almost expect that all these children embrace our culture, become loyal members of this nation and show gratitude for being so lucky to be born here.

But maybe they don’t feel lucky at all. Maybe they feel aliens with no motherland. Most of them experience various degrees of identity crisis.

Their parent’s land is not their country and this one has no significance to them as they feel emotionally disconnected from it.

I do not condemn her ethnic and racial preference.  Perhaps she should really try living in India for a while, to get in touch with her roots. Maybe she finds her identity.

I only feel that she is like one of those young women who hate their old husbands, but choose to stay with them because they are rich and can buy jewelry, shoes and vacation in Bora-Bora.

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