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MONTREAL: Johra Kaleki’s daughter forgives her mother and asks for a less severe sentence

Johra Kaleki, mother who attacked daughter with meat cleaver, given three years in jail

MONTREAL, QC.: MARCH 10, 2015 -- Johra Kaleki at the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 where was to  learn whether she will be convicted or not in the case where she attacked her daughter, in their home in Dorval in 2010, with a meat cleaver. (John Kenney / MONTREAL GAZETTE)
On Tuesday, Paradis sentenced Johra Kaleki to three years in prison, with 100 days being deducted for time she’s already spent in custody.JOHN KENNEY / MONTREAL GAZETTE

A Dorval mother who was found guilty of attempted murder afterattacking her daughter with a meat cleaver was sentenced to three years in prison at the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday.

Johra Kaleki, 44, attacked her then 19-year-old daughter, Bahar Ebrahimi, in 2010 when she came home in the early morning after being out all night.

Kaleki was found guilty last March after Quebec Court Judge Yves Paradis rejected the defence’s argument that Kaleki was criminally not responsible for her actions given a “temporary psychotic disorder.

On Tuesday, Paradis sentenced her to three years in prison, with 100 days being deducted for time she’s already spent in custody.

Last November, the Crown had recommended Kaleki be detained for 10 years, while defence lawyer Isabel Schurman asked Paradis to consider a three-year suspended sentence with community work.

Kaleki has testified that she doesn’t remember what happened that night in 2010. She’s also said she doesn’t remember being interrogated by police afterward, during which she recalled the attack in significant detail and expressed remorse. 


Somehow she convinced Bahar to lay face down on the ground with her arms extended like a cross and to close her eyes.

She kissed her and told her that she loves her before striking her “several” times behind the head and neck with the meat cleaver. Bahar’s hands were injured from trying to protect herself. 

Kaleki also chased her and choked her when she tried to escape, it was heard during the trial. 

It’s Kaleki’s husband, Ebrahim Ebrahimi, who interfered and pulled his wife off their daughter. According to a statement made to the police, Bahar said she heard her mother yell: “Let me go so I can finish her.

Bahar had testified in November that since returning to live at home with Kaleki, their relationship has been better than ever. She said she forgives her mother and asked for a less severe sentence. 

Paradis said Tuesday that the Court must consider the possibility of victims being pressured to argue for lesser sentences when they do so, but said it didn’t seem to be the case with Bahar and her mother.

Kaleki was not suffering from any mental illness at the time, Paradis said in his judgment. Her state of mind was similar to “frustration, anger and rage.”

“Still,” he said, “it was totally out of character. This rage impaired her judgment.”





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