Police have declared that the suspects involved in an incident involving a Sikh man from Toronto weren’t targeting a specific religious community.

Quebec City police issued a French-language statement Tuesday, stating that the suspects in question had been involved in two other events before the incident on March 26.

The statement also references a high concentration of people under the influence of alcohol in the area, and praises an “action plan” that the police say has caused unruly behaviour in the area to decrease.

The statement names neither the accused nor the alleged victim of the attack.

Court documents show that Gabriel Royer-Tremblay of Quebec City has been charged with one count of assault against Supninder Singh Khehra and one count of uttering threats.

Khehra told CTV News last week that he was out with friends after dark and trying to hail a cab when a car full of men approached and started shouting at him in French, swearing and pointing at his turban.


“It was all because of my race, my colour and the headgear I was wearing,” he added.