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Burgers ‘N Fries Forever’s owner says their meat has been halal since ever

‘It’s 2015’: Ottawa burger joint responds to anti-Muslim comments

Burgers ‘N Fries Forever’s owner says responses to halal toppings include: “I’m not going to eat here because you include Muslims.”

An Ottawa burger joint quoted Prime Minster Justin Trudeau to respond to anti-Muslim Facebook commenters who apparently didn’t like the fact that halal beef bacon was an option on the menu.

In a sponsored post on Facebook, Burgers ‘N Fries Forever advertised the burger topping – made from the belly of a cow as opposed to a pig – alongside a photo of three Muslim women wearing a hijab about to take a bite out of a burger.

Since the post was created this fall, there have been a number of people who have posted anti-Muslim comments below the post, according to co-owner Jamil Bhuya.


“I had to delete a lot of them. It’s not pretty language. It was a lot of borderline racist, Islamophobic comments. Basically, people saying, ‘I’m not going to eat here because you include Muslims,’” said Bhuya.

Bhuya said most people don’t realize all of the meat at BFF is halal and always has been since the restaurant opened on Bank Street. He just started to advertise it on social media and thought to include Muslim women since Ottawa is a multicultural city.

Meat that is halal generally means the animal is alive and healthy at the time of slaughter, which involves slitting the throat to drain the blood.

Shocked by the negative feedback, Bhuya decided to address the online haters with a blunt retort, taking a page out of Trudeau’s book.


“We’re trying to give access to a large demographic of Canadians who require this in their diet. As our prime minister put it so eloquently: IT’S 2015,” read a post from the BFF Facebook account.




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