Calgary: Syrian migrant family afraid of neighbour who allegedly attacked them verbally

Syrian refugee family in Calgary ‘very afraid of their neighbour’ after alleged verbal attack

The Syrian Refugees Support Group in Calgary is speaking out on behalf of a family of five, saying a neighbour is creating a nightmarish situation. Despite his denial, three people identified him as a man caught on camera yelling for the newcomers to move away.

A video posted to Facebook Thursday showed a man yelling and swearing over his fence.

“Move out of here (expletive). Get out of my face ya (expletive) idiot,” said a man in the video.

A Syrian refugee family with three children between the ages of four and nine shot the video two weeks ago, according to the co-founder of Calgary’s Syrian Refugees Support Group.

“This family is very afraid of their neighbour. This family is feeling very insecure right now,” said Saima Jamal. “The dad says that his kids can’t even play now outside.”

According to Jamal, while the Syrian family loves their new neighbourhood, they are keen to find a new house although there’s little else they can afford.

Backyard of the house rented by the Syrian refugee family.

Backyard of the house rented by the Syrian refugee family.

Kim Smith / Global News

Too scared to show their faces, the refugee family chose not to speak to Global News on Friday.

“They feel like they’re still very vulnerable because they’re so new in this country,” Jamal said.

However, neighbours in the area said the refugees have been living in fear for at least a month.

“The kids (are) very scared,” said Wfit Khil, who lives two doors down. “The boy lives in the room right there but (doesn’t sleep). He sleeps with his dad and mom.”



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