Police announce arrests in ATM fraud case

Police announce arrests in ATM fraud case

Durham Police show off one device used to capture peoples’ ATM information during a news conference on Friday, March 26, 2010.

Updated: Fri Mar. 26 2010 1:26:17 PM


Durham Regional Police and the OPP showed off some of the ATM fraud devices they seized as a result of an anti-ATM tampering investigation they are calling “Project Kaiser.”

This investigation began after ATM fraud devices were found in ATMs located in Durham Region.

On March 18, police carried out raids in Vaughan, Barrie and Newmarket. The Durham Regional Police, OPP, Barrie and York Police worked together.

As a result, six people were arrested. They face a total of 80 charges.

“Approximately 110 ATM overlay and pinhole camera devices were recovered,” Durham Police said Friday in a news release.

“Each device represents a potential $80,000 to $100,000 loss for a bank. Hundreds of debit cards and thousands of pieces of compromised electronic data were also seized.”

Ball caps, wigs, sunglasses and other items used to help disguise the suspects’ identities around ATMs were also seized.

The bogus cards were used to purchase items such as alcohol, video games and tools that were then sold on the Internet for cash. The seized items were worth about $100,000.

Under Proceeds of Crime legislation, police seized three vehicles worth a total of $160,000, including a 2010 Porsche Cayenne.

Officers at Friday’s news conference said this investigation focused on the GTA, but it’s a worldwide problem.

“The amount of money that potentially can be made is staggering, but the good news is our ability to detect and investigate these crimes is also growing, ” Durham Police Supt. Jim Douglass said in a news release.

Police at the news conference said people can help themselves by using the same bank and being alert to any physical changes.

If they see something that raises their suspicions, they should tell the bank or police, they said.

The following individuals face fraud and identity-theft-related charges:
Sebastin Bihari, 24, of Newmarket
Lemak Bary, 23, of Newmarket
Geza De Brecini, 50, of North York
Nyla Pejan, 23, of Zephyr
Gabor Lakatos, 24, of Richmond Hill
Jozsef Lakatos, 46, of Bradford

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Jim Junkin

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