Durham Region: Robertthurai Ponnuthurai and Pirabakar Shanmuganathan jailed after routine stop finds ATM fraud gear

Two jailed after routine stop finds ATM fraud gear

Updated: Fri Mar. 19 2010 8:24:25 AM

CTV.ca News

An alert police officer who spotted a minor traffic violation ended up arresting two suspected ATM fraudsters in Durham Region.

A Durham regional police officer on a routine patrol Wednesday noticed a newer model Mercedes speeding down Highway 401 near Clarington with a loose licence plate.

When he pulled the vehicle over, he found a miniature camera and an overlay device inside the car, both commonly used to copy personal identification numbers from ATM users.

The ATM fraud artists later collect the data and use it to raid victims’ bank accounts.

Officers also found two fake bank cards inside the car.

Robertthurai Ponnuthurai, 39, and Pirabakar Shanmuganathan, 30, are being held on charges of unlawful possession of credit card data, possession of identity information for fraudulent reasons, attempted fraud over $5,000 and two counts of possessing a credit card forgery device.

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