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Dany Villanueva testifies for second day at coroner’s inquest

Dany Villanueva walks through the courthouse before the inquiry into his brother’s death (March 30, 2010)

Updated: Tue Mar. 30 2010 8:15:09 PM

Lawyers for the city of Montreal pointed out contradictions in Dany Villaneuva’s testimony on Tuesday, as he took the stand for the second day in a row at a coroner’s inquest into the fatal police shooting death of his brother nearly two years ago.

Fredy Villanueva was shot to death by Montreal police Const. Jean-Loup Lapointe in August 2008, during a confrontation at a park in Montreal North.

Under cross-examination on Tuesday, Villanueva was composed as he insisted he never tried to hit Lapointe, and only offered defensive resistance when he and a group of friends were approached by the officer and his partner, Stephanie Pilotte, during a game of dice at the park.

Villanueva said he was injured after being brutally thrown to the ground, and added that he never saw anyone attack Lapointe or Pilotte — he only heard gunshots.
Pilotte’s lawyer pointed out contradictions in Villanueva’s own statement to SQ investigators, including an admission that Lapointe had asked him to identify himself.
The lawyer also questioned how well Villanueva knew Jeffrey Sagor Metellus, a known street gang member, who was shot in the back during the scuffle.
The lawyer brought up Villanueva’s past, including expulsions from two schools in grade 11, a criminal record, and his participation in a street gang.
Villanueva acknowledged that he had been a member of the Blood Mafia gang — also known as the Reds — but he left the gang in 2006 after he was arrested and charged for armed robbery.
He testified that he did not want Fredy to become involved in street gangs.

Villanueva will take the stand for another two days, before the inquest adjourns for a month.

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