Trinidad-born Pastor Wendell Brereton runs for mayor of Toronto

Trini makes bid to become Toronto Mayor
Posted on Wednesday March 24, 2010

By Jasminee Sahoye
The Caribbean Camera

A Trinidad-born man, who is a pastor, has thrown his hat into the Toronto mayoral race.

On February 23, Pastor Wendell Brereton, a former OPP officer with 12 years of service under his belt officially registered to run for the mayor of Toronto.

Brereton, who is running against a long list of people and some big names like former Ontario Health Minister and Deputy Premier of Ontario, George Smitherman, Rocco Rossi, a federal Liberal Party organizer and Joe Pantalone, Deputy Mayor, told The Camera that he decided to run for the mayoral post because he believes he has the vision and leadership skills to take the city of Toronto into a more stable economy.

“A strong city attracts foreign investment. Not only do we need to attract foreign investment but insure that the corporations that come to our marketplace hire our citizens. Torontonians should have priority access to new jobs in the city. We must create a priority status to our residents when it comes to jobs,” he said as part of his vision for prosperity.

As someone who lived in several parts of Toronto, served as an OPP officer and is the pastor of the Glorious Church-Faith Temple, a downtown multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Christian ministry in Regent Park, Brereton said he understands exactly what the city and its residents need. “Running a city calls for team effort. You have to have the ears of the movers and shakers and listen what they are saying,” he said.

He further stated that he wants to see foreign investors given incentives to continue to invest. “That means a tax amnesty and limited red tape to get projects in motion. The future of Toronto is ensuring an open and attractive marketplace for healthy business.”

In a web video, he declares his platform of building a 22nd century city reaching out to the mid-class businesses of the city, and is seen accompanying a small group of young people feeding the city’s homeless. Through the video, he is hoping to attract youth to vote at the municipal election and make a difference.

Brereton is encouraging members of the Caribbean community to play a more active leadership role in politics at all levels of government. “I’m encouraging parents to teach their children to do well in school, develop good work ethics in order to operate in government and governance.”

He is not a newcomer to community work as he has been an activist for change in the community for 18 years. He has been outspoken within the municipal, provincial and federal governments since 1990 and is no stranger to government operation or procedure. He was stationed as a liaison officer within the Ontario Superior Court and has worked on the federal level while finishing his degree in 1990 in the area of immigration.

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