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Man charged with fraud, witchcraft offences

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Updated: Fri Apr. 02 2010 5:06:49 PM

The Canadian Press

TORONTO — A Toronto man is facing several charges including fraud and pretending to practice witchcraft after a victim nearly lost thousands of dollars.

Police say the victim visited a spiritual healer during the month of March and met with the man several times.

During the final meeting, the victim almost suffered a huge financial loss.

Batura Draame, 30, of Toronto has been charged with fraud and pretending to practice withcraft, among other charges. He was scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Police believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to contact authorities.

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, some sections reflect offences that were more prevalent centuries ago, and Section 365 addresses anyone fraudulently pretending to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft.

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  1. Protoe says:

    Charging him for fraud is right, but for "pretending to practice witchcraft"? Doesn't that goes against our Freedom of Creed/Religion? Charge him for being a fraudster, not because he claimed to be a spiritual healer. Like some shady people should be charged for snake oil salesmen, not because they are realtors. That Section 365 is OLD indeed! Salem time, perhaps?

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