Rahim Jaffer’s vanishing logo

Rahim Jaffer’s vanishing Conservative Party logo magic trick
April 8, 2010 1:45 PM | Comments 37 Recommend 70
By Alison Crawford

Well that was quick.

This morning, Rahim Jaffer’s website still looked like that of a dedicated MP. Well, it still does … except that in the last few hours, the Conservative Party logo disappeared from the banner.

Maybe it has something to do with my call this morning to the party’s director of communications, Fred DeLorey. I wanted to know how Jaffer’s website complies with the rules for usage of the Conservatives’ official emblem.

In his response this afternoon, DeLorey wrote: “He is not authorized to use our logo and we have asked that he remove it immediately.”

The home page, in robust Tory blue, features a photo of Jaffer, complete with halo-like aura, speaking in the House of Commons with a crisp Canadian flag in the background. Above him, was Jaffer’s name and (until now) the logo in question.

The message welcoming visitors to his site recap the reasons Jaffer sought office. His biography boasts of being a “key player in coordinating future policy between various branches of both the Canadian and U.S. governments” as well as his self-described ability to “secure support from the Canadian government”.

Curiously, Jaffer’s photo gallery features no images of anything having to do with his company, Green Power Generation. Instead, there are pictures of him in the House of Commons, one with Jaffer beaming from ear-to-ear while posing with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, old photos from events in the riding and an odd portrait of Jaffer with his former colleagues, MPs Peter Goldring and James Rajotte at McDonalds.

Oh, what a happy meal that must have been.

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