Suspects in slaying Virgilio

Police seek 2 people in N.E. homicide
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Pablo Rodrigo Russell is wanted by Calgary police, who say he’s a suspect in the January slaying of Serafino Virgilio. (Calgary Police Service)
Police in Calgary are searching for two people in connection with a homicide in the northeast community of Falconridge earlier this year.

Serafino Virgilio, 57, was found dead inside an SUV at the 100 block of Falsmere Way N.E. on Jan.19. He was killed two days earlier in a house at that address, police said Friday, and his body was then concealed inside the GMC Denali.

Investigators said Virgilo’s roommate Pablo Rodrigo Russell, 33, of Calgary — who was originally arrested but released without charge — is now considered a suspect.

Natalie Renee Louise Vinje, 23, also of Calgary, is a “person of interest,” police said. It’s believed they have both left Calgary, investigators said.

“Russell was arrested in the early stages of the investigation, but he was unco-operative,” Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus said.

“We cannot keep somebody indefinitely. At that time we did not have enough information to lay a charge. We’re at the stage that we want to locate these two individuals and interview them.”

Russell is Hispanic, five feet 11 inches tall weighs 176 pounds.

Natalie Vinje is wanted for questioning in connection with a January homicide in northeast Calgary. (Calgary Police Service)
He has green eyes and brown hair, has a noticeable scar on his nose and a tattoo of a dragon on his upper back. He also goes by the first name Paul, investigators said.

Vinje — who goes by the alias Envy — is black, five feet seven inches tall and 125 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

She is also wanted on warrants on an unrelated matter, police said.

Police are also trying to locate some of Virgilio’s property, which they think might be stored in a basement or garage of an unknowing acquaintance.

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