Vancouver: $10,000 reward for info on Jason Nguyen’s murder


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‘Innocent child’: $10,000 reward for info on Vancouver teen’s murder


The mother and sister of a slain 15-year-old boy joined Vancouver police Tuesday, on the first anniversary of Jason Nguyen’s still-unsolved murder, to make a tearful plea for witnesses to come forward.

The plea came as the Vancouver Police Board authorized a $10,000 reward for anyone providing information leading to charges in Nguyen’s death.

Fifteen-year-old Jason stumbled into his older sister Tiffany’s bedroom on the afternoon of July 26, 2015, covered in blood from an injury he suffered at or just outside the Nguyen family home on East 24th near Rupert Street. Police aren’t revealing the cause of those injuries, saying that’s something few other than Jason’s killer would know.

Brother and sister were alone at the house at the time. Tiffany, now 18, called 911 that day, summoning police and paramedics, but Jason died shortly after arriving in hospital.

“My brother is just a regular kid,” said Tiffany, joined by her mother Kim as police announced the reward. “He likes to do everyday teenager activities like playing games with his friends.

“He wasn’t associated with any crime … We’re just a normal family and it’s really a surprise to us that this happened to him.”

Tiffany said the past year has been “really hard. He’s my only brother. . . It’s really hard for my parents too, because it’s their little son. They raised him up to now, and all of a sudden he’s gone and they don’t know why. He’s a good kid, he doesn’t do anything bad.”

Vancouver police Sgt. Randy Fincham said investigators believe Jason was an innocent victim.

“Jason may have been targeted due to the actions of another person,” Fincham said. “We don’t think Jason was murdered as a result of anything he had done, but it was instead his acquaintance with somebody else that led to this. Jason is a good brother to Tiffany, a son to Kim … he had no associations to crime whatsoever. He is truly an innocent child.”

Fincham appealed both to anyone who might have been in the vicinity at the time of the murder, or who heard something afterwards from those involved.

“There are other people that know what happened to Jason,” Fincham said. “We eagerly want to speak to those people.


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