Quebec to pump $750,000 in French courses for immigrants

Quebec offers French courses to immigrants

The Quebec government has launched a promotional campaign in hopes of attracting more immigrants to take French courses.

Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil announced a promotional effort on Monday with a budget of $750,000, which focuses on attracting immigrant spouses who are accepted as skilled workers and those entering the country under the family reunification program.

“It is not targeting them to take French courses. There, with one hand outstretched, they are told: yes, it’s good, you’ll be able to speak French, your children are learning French at school, you can also help,” Weil said during a news conference at a centre for francization of immigrants.

“French is not only the official language of Quebec and our common language, it is also an essential vector of integration,” she said.


People who follow a full-time course are eligible for financial assistance of $115 per week and reimbursement of child care expenses and transportation. Expenses are also reimbursed for those choosing part-time courses.

The campaign, prepared in 11 languages, will be distributed in newspapers, radio stations and websites of different ethnocultural communities, in traditional media and social media as well as in the Montreal métro and buses.

The first phase of the campaign — which costs $250,000 in total funding — will be implemented by Aug. 30. A second phase is to be announced in the fall, depending on results.

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