Second Nations: Justin Trudeau And The Fall of Anglo-Canada

Official portrait of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Second Nations: Justin Trudeau And The Fall of Anglo-Canada

by Brad Salzberg, Sept 2016

As most Canadians realize, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau became prime minister of our country as of October 19th, 2015. What is less understood, however, are the social ramifications of this federal election. Lost among the photo opportunities, international grandstanding and playboy showmanship is the fact that our prime minister is working an agenda to alter the destiny of our nation.

Trudeau’s ascension to his political throne marks the beginning of the end of what is commonly referred to as English Canada. It is more than obvious Canada’s national heritage— in particular its English and French identity— is entirely irrelevant to Trudeau, his cabinet, and more than likely the entire Liberal caucus. Over the course of his first year in office, Justin has yet to reference, recognize, or even speak of Canada’s English and French cultural heritage— an ominous sign, indeed.

As we prepare to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, it is likely the event will also represent the final chapter of our 150- year era of European-derived governance. First-past-the-post, a voting system of British derivation, may well go the way of the dinosaur. No referendum, no public approval— in other words, entirely representative of a brand of pseudo-democracy only a Trudeau government has the nerve to impose. The Liberal’s gender parity initiative, and no doubt its forthcoming offspring “ethnic” parity, have introduced social engineering to government. Furthermore, the result of Trudeau’s bold assertion that Canada “has no dominant culture” serves as an effective catalyst for the dissolution of Anglo-Canada. Mass third world immigration will resolve the demographic component. Multicultural policy will ensure ideological success, while rampant political correctness will muzzle those daring to oppose the agenda.

In basic terms, our prime minister has decided that “international” Canada will take it from here. That is, Justin Trudeau has decided—and not the Canadian people. Oddly enough, it was Justin’s father who in the very same manner made a decision to cancel our bi-cultural identity and replace it with official multiculturalism. No public consultation. Again,no referendum. Ironically, the very same dynamic is putting the final nail in the cultural coffin of English Canada—namely, the will of yet another maverick prime minister by the name of Trudeau.

So what of our future? We begin to gain insight when considering the Liberal government’s fervent dedication to the nation of Islam. One billion dollars to import and fund Muslim refugees. The denial of any association between terrorism and Islam. A refusal to label the mass murder of Christians in the Middle East as genocide. The reinstatement of Canadian citizenship for convicted terrorists.

Next up, the appeasement of South Asian communities—mainly in the province of Ontario. Doubling family reunification numbers. Incessant pandering to the Sikh community. Fast-tracking first generation and migrant South Asian politicians into positions of power.

With Trudeau’s recent trip to China, the picture is now complete. In a manner not unlike a political second coming, the Chinese media have gone Lady Gaga over our global playboy of a prime minister. Six new visa offices created. Over a billion dollars worth of new business partnerships. Integration into China’s state-owned banking industry. Approvals for their government to buy up Canadian resources and real estate.

All the while, Canada’s economic vital signs have been dropping like a barometer on a frosty Nunavut morning. Within Trudeau-land, fiscal stability is inconsequential. What is far more important is that the international community have their globalist hero. Unfortunately for our country’s growing social conservative movement, heroism and Justin Trudeau remain entirely incongruous.

By way of our Liberal government, within a single generation all traditional components of Canadian society will be sublimated. Our official languages will be rendered meaningless. The poor will become the destitute, as lower income Canadians morph into an underclass previously reserved for our First Nations communities. All the while, wealthy of the third world will join rich Canadians to form a post-modern Canadian elite, as the lower and middle classes continue their downward slide toward full marginalization within Canadian society.

Sound far-fetched? We can only hope. However, history tells us it is never a prudent idea to underestimate the power of globalism in the hands of a Trudeau. This we have already witnessed in father Pierre’s reverence for debt accumulation and socialism. After all, it was no mere coincidence that Fidel Castro was a pall bearer at his funeral.

So into the great unknown Canadians go, unaware our society is in its most transformative stage since the founding of our nation in 1867. This is, however, quite understandable—between work, marriage, children, mortgages and bill payments these folks simply do not have the time to focus upon such trivialities as the demise of their national heritage.The fact that to raise even the smallest objection results in accusations of racism, bigotry and xenophobia keeps home-grown Canadians in check.

So it’s off to Tent City to assume the position of the “Second Nations” peoples of Canada. Home ownership—at least in cosmopolitain centres like Toronto and Vancouver— is now reserved for the wealthy of the world. Dozens of Canadian municipalities are today third world mini-states. Naturally, our Liberal government are accelerating the process though an uplift in immigration quotas.  “Old Stock”Canada— a euphemism for white Canadians— are now the target of affirmative action— meaning they are being forced out of government positions for the heinous crime of, well, being white. In diversity-speak, this is called “equality.”

Yes, it is game over— at least for English Canada. Perhaps the greatest irony is that within a supposedly democratic nation, not a single Canadian ever had a say in the matter. Under the politically correct spin of a Trudeau government, this is what is referred to as “democracy.”



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14 Responses

  1. mike sweet says:

    only a lunatic would even think of immigation policies the way this egotystical asshat is no one in their right mind would flood a country with 1 or 2 fucking cultures there are 1000s of countries with tons of willing immigrants wanting to come and he floods us with his muslim war criminals he can dam well see the shit and destrution they have made all across the eu its not refugees leaving these countries its muslim militants looking to take over other western countries and this fucking muslim puppet pm is their enabler here its time to boot his ass out pysically before an election time canada made some history and stand together to rid this country of our own muslim terrorist destoying canada from within

  2. Linda says:

    Very sad but very true. It is hard to believe the arrogance and ignorance that is driving this globalist agenda by elites and evils like George Soros. Trudeau is their puppet. Most journalists are even praising our destruction, Canada is becoming a 3rd world country. The West should separate and stop this before it’s too late.

  3. Justinian says:

    There isn’t any point demanding he leaves or somehow voters will do what.. rise up and make him leave? the only best last hope is to simply have Alberta and/or Saskatchewan open their borders with a Trump White House effectively becoming US States. In less than a month half of Canada will go the similar way. That’s really all that is left. There is just no other way unless a conservative reformer comes through.

    • Mary Ann Whittaker says:

      At this point, I am in total agreement with you Justinian!! From the looks of all the protestors (First Nations etc.) fighting over the building of pipelines etc., if the prairies don’t make a move real soon, there won’t be anything left for the people in Sask. & Alberta – no way to make a living. The Police, Military etc. are not going to do anything to stop these people and their destruction, so why not drop out and join the U.S. if Trump becomes the President?? My only concern because I am a pensioner, is if I will still be able to collect what I have worked & paid into for years and years!!

  4. Greg Hargrove says:

    I have known since the first Trudeau that the fix was in to dilute the Anglo influence in Canada Reading several books on the issue from “Bilingual today French Tomorrow” and followed by “Enough is Enough”Those who refuse to see what bis happening do so at the cost of their country.This is as real as a toothache.

  5. David Cameron says:

    This is what happens when a country is flooded with economic migrants interested in sucking on the wealth producer’s hind teat and phoney refugees who don’t give a rat’s ass about Canada’s (and the west’s) history and heritage in conjunction with a dumbed down and leftist brainwashed electorate, become the majority and elect a politically correct dictator because he has nice hair. In the immortal words of Pogo … “I have seen the enemy and it is us.” You would hope that the opposition would represent and defend Canada and Canadians but the silence is deafening. I was at Gord Browns election in Brockville and listening to him declare that he would defend Canadians. Hello Gord!!! Your silence is deafening.

  6. grant says:

    So is this the real change you libtards voted for?

  7. Cheryl says:

    We have only the Liberals to blame for this. You have to wonder what our ancestors would think about this ? They fought and died for this country and to have it taken over by people who have no intentions of assimilating. Shame on our government.

  8. David Cameron says:

    Justins’ politically correct stupidity not to mention his inability to achieve even a single full time job in his laughable life leads me to believe in the real possibility that he has wasted away far to many years swimming in his mother’s bi-polar gene pool.

  9. Cab driver's son says:

    First of all, there is no thing as third world wealthy, the inmigrants come from developing countries, these immigrants are offen the best of their country. They spend millions of dollars in Canada, attaining Canadian education, working in Canadian societies. Second of all, this country is not yours. You stole it from First nations, drove em extinct, forced the left overs in mandatory boarding schools and then moved rest to swamp lands you call reserves. Third of all, people in this country succeed by merit not racial entitlement. Those immigrants who hold political power now have superior merits and achievements in world and Canada. Last but least, this article is skewed propaganda to invoke racial tensions and entitlement in the lost and confused. I just don’t understand why is media making the white man so paranoid? You outnumber us, you have every same right as us, you sit in same position to do what we do, why do you assume that we get spoon fed? We are all the same. We just work hard and want to be happy. Ofcourse each community has its bad percentage, and we work hard to uproot and remove them with Canada. Please look at the demographics again and tell me the white culture is disappearing. Peace.

    • David Cameron says:

      Open your eyes and you’ll see the white culture disappearing. Whites are already a minority in Toronto, the country’s biggest city. I’m a 72-year-old born and bred Torontonian. I well remember in high school seeing a Pakistani and a Sikh for the first time. They must have been the first ones in Toronto. Oddly enough the father of the Sikh was a leader of the Sikh community in Toronto. The Sikh in my high school (North Toronto Collegiate Institute) once told me that Canada was nuts to let Sikhs into the country because (and speaking as a Sikh) he said that they couldn’t be trusted for a long list of reasons that the thought police wouldn’t allow me to say here. A few years ago I spoke to a fellow dog walker from ’78 to ’85 when I still lived in Toronto who told me that back in those days the other dog walkers all thought I was nuts because of what I said Toronto and Canada would become in the future. 35 years later she said that everything I said came true. It was easy. It’s simple demographics in the hands of corrupt, politically correct, ethnic pandering politicians. Yet in my wildest imagination I never saw a total nincompoop like Justin coming. I actually celebrated when Pierre died knowing it was highly unlikely, outside of a Zombie Apocalypse, that that piece of crap would come back but low and behold the rotten fruit of his loins and his deranged bi-polar mother came along to infest our once great country.

  10. tbloggins says:

    Trudeau is a Junior Executive in the New World Order and Central government of George Soros. His price of admission is to give over a servile Canada to his boss. He is increasing the amount of countries that don’t require visas, which serves to destroy national borders. Without nationalism, the world descends into chaos waiting for the Rothchilds, Soros’ and Trudeau’s to rescue them. They will only ask a small price. That price will be your freedom to act, freedom to speak, and freedom to live as you wish. You will be a global citizen and if they need you in India to break up old ships with a hammer, that’s what you’re going to do.

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