Canada Post loses sensitive immigration documents, Polish woman’s situation unclear

Victoria couple outraged after Canada Post loses sensitive immigration documents

WATCH: The husband is sponsoring his wife for permanent residency in Canada, and paid for Express Post to mail the important package, but Canada Post cannot find it. Monica Martinez explains. 

It’s supposed to be a happy time for couple Allan and Kasia Balanda.

They’ve been together for six years and married for one, but they’ve spent a lot of time apart. He’s Canadian, and she is from Poland, but when Kasia arrived last month, they were hoping it would be for good.

“We were really hoping when we saw each other in August, we’d never have to say good bye again but now that is a possibility we are facing,” said Allan Balanda.

The couple have spent weeks putting together immigration documents for permanent residency.

The package includes hundreds of printed pages of personal and sensitive information, weighing five kilograms.

They were so happy to be done the process, they took a photo showing Kasia dropping it off at Canada Post.

They paid extra for Express Post, which has a tracking number and guarantees two day delivery, but the package never arrived, and Canada Post has no idea where it is.

“We can’t even sleep. We don’t know what is happening. They can’t even call us back. They can’t even answer the phone,” said Kasia Balanda.

“Exactly, they lost it but I feel we are the ones that have to look for it,” Allan Balanda added.

They feel Canada Post is not taking the mistake seriously, an error that can have serious consequences on their life.


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