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Canada to deport 160 illegal Chinese immigrants

Canada to deport 160 illegal Chinese immigrants The Chinese nationals acquired residency rights via fraudulent participation in an investment scheme   6672 By Ryan Drillsma,Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2018/12/21 12:46 Cavendish Beach on Prince Edward Island (Wikipedia image) TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Canadian authorities have ordered the deportation of 160 illegal Chinese immigrants. The news […]

Alberta yellow vest protests lack violence seen in Paris, but anti-immigration anger simmers Four people were killed, hundreds injured and streets were littered with flaming cars and broken glass as thousands clad in yellow vests partook in violent protests in France in recent weeks against a planned increase to the fuel tax. The protest movement has now spread across the globe, but in Alberta, which may be Canada’s […]

Canada rejects 70.7% of Nigerian asylum seekers who crossed borders Since 2017, more Nigerians have illegally crossed into Canada to seek asylum than citizens of other countries, according to Canadian officials (Christine Muschi /Reuters) 70.7% of Nigerians who illegally crossed borders into Canada to apply for asylum have been rejected by the North American country in 2018. A recent Reuters report revealed that about […]

Canada grapples with refugee influx from U.S. Since February 2017, more than 37,000 people have walked across Canada’s southern border with the U.S., the vast majority from New York State to Quebec between official points of entry. There are no official statistics, but Toronto has received thousands of the new arrivals, creating additional pressures on an already stretched city shelter system. […]

Canada military builds refugee camp for refugees from US August 2017 The Canadian military is building a camp to house the growing number of refugees crossing the US border, officials have said. The camp would house up to 500 asylum seekers in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, near Plattsburgh, New York. The construction begins about a week after Montreal turned its Olympic Stadium into a shelter […]

Morning Update: The $1-billion cost of asylum-seeker spike; the new head of Ontario’s police force The federal government is on pace to spend eight figures over three years, according to a report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer. The average cost for each migrant who entered Canada between border crossings – nearly 38,000 since January of 2017 – is $14,321 for the entire refugee claim process, and the figure is predicted to […]

COMMENTARY: Liberals seek to make immigration ‘wedge issue’ for 2019 federal election

COMMENTARY: Liberals seek to make immigration ‘wedge issue’ for 2019 federal election   Unlike the United States, which has long relied on immigrants to fill unskilled jobs, Canada’s immigration program selects for specific qualifications, mitigating the criticism that newcomers “steal” jobs from workers, one which has long fueled anti-immigration rhetoric south of the border. But […]

Hussen says Ford government engaged in ‘fear mongering and demonizing of asylum seekers’ Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen took aim at the Ontario government on Thursday, saying Doug Ford’s government is stoking fears around asylum seekers and is not offering solutions to the issue of illegal border crossers. “They are not engaged. Instead they have unfortunately decided to engage in fear mongering and demonizing of asylum seekers, […]

Refugees asking for asylum in Canada argue the US is no longer safe Resty was desperate. She had fled Uganda and was in Pittsburgh when her toddler, Maria, got sick. They didn’t have insurance, and Resty felt hopeless. Then, while watching the news, she realized there was another option. “I was seeing it on the news and internet,” says Resty. “And then I was like, ‘If those people […]