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Video: Montreal police used excessive force, biracial couple says

Video: Montreal police used excessive force, biracial couple says Brian Mann and his girlfriend Tayana Jacques say they were on their way to get coffee on a Saturday morning last April when they began laughing at a cute Corgi on the street. Seconds later, they say, a police car pulled up beside them on St-Laurent […]

B.C. woman, newly adopted son still stuck in Ghana due to paperwork holdup   A Canadian woman and her newly adopted son have been stuck in Africa for more than three months because of a paperwork holdup. Kim and Clark Moran recently adopted a young boy named Ayo from Nigeria. The couple then travelled to Ghana to complete the adoption process.

Church of secrets: Canadian killed by Iglesia Ni Cristo Luzie and Barry Gammon and their son, JJ, at their home in the Philippines. (Luzie Gammon) Barry Gammon died on that June 24 evening in the Philippines. Luzie and JJ survived. Five weeks after the fatal shooting, they left the Philippines for Canada.

Man alleging he faced racism at worksite says he was purposely shot with nail gun Nhlanhla Dlamini says he suffered a punctured lung after being intentionally shot with a nail gun by a co-worker on a worksite in Abercrombie, N.S., on Sept. 19. He says medical staff inserted a chest tube to release air that was building up between his lung and his chest wall, causing his lung to […]