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Canada Wants To Deport 10,000 Failed Refugee Claimants By March JOHN WOODS Migrants from Somalia cross into Canada illegally from the United States on Feb. 26, 2017.   OTTAWA — The Canada Border Services Agency should speed up its removals of failed refugee claimants who are still in Canada, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says. The CBSA has set a new target of completing […]

Somali asylum seeker deported for previous ‘serious criminality’   A Somali asylum seeker charged with assaulting a Canadian border guard last April has been deported — but it wasn’t those charges that had him removed. Ahmed Aden Ali was deemed inadmissible to Canada because he had been earlier convicted of grand theft auto in the U.S. It’s considered “serious criminality” under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, […]

Colombians illegally entered Canada for a better life, but turned to crime All five were arrested. They had a crowbar and other break-in tools. Two of the men, Jorge Bonilla, 52, and Alex Camacho, 31, pleaded guilty in Kitchener court earlier this month to break and enter, and theft. They will almost assuredly be deported.