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Canada to deport 160 illegal Chinese immigrants

Canada to deport 160 illegal Chinese immigrants The Chinese nationals acquired residency rights via fraudulent participation in an investment scheme   6672 By Ryan Drillsma,Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2018/12/21 12:46 Cavendish Beach on Prince Edward Island (Wikipedia image) TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Canadian authorities have ordered the deportation of 160 illegal Chinese immigrants. The news […]

Human smuggler Mohammed Rafiq handed prison term over false refugee claimants

Smuggling two women into Canada as refugees has landed a Calgary man a two-year prison term. Provincial court Judge Josh Hawkes on Wednesday said jail was necessary considering Mohammed Rafiq’s extensive involvement in the smuggling scheme. “He also assisted in the retrieval and reuse of a well-executed forged Pakistani passport, an important task in the ongoing […]

Wealthy would-be immigrants told to lie about their assets, intentions — even their identity An immigration consultant in Hong Kong said on hidden camera that ‘it’s normal’ to disregard the residency requirements and not declare all assets when applying to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. (Radio-Canada)

Clients of convicted B.C. immigration fraudster are ‘far from being victims,’ government says The legal battle could have huge implications for potentially hundreds of Chinese immigrants who had hired Wang to obtain Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status The legal battle currently brewing in Federal Court could have huge implications for potentially hundreds of Chinese immigrants who had hired Xun “Sunny” Wang, an unlicensed immigration consultant, to […]

Biggest immigration fraudster in Canadian history left $900K fine unpaid National Parole Board decision says Xun (Sunny) Wang had to be released one-third through his 7-year sentence Wang, 49, was convicted of enabling more than 1,000 people to illegally obtain residency in Canada by falsifying passport entries, faking job offers and supplying them with bogus Canadian home addresses, to thwart immigration requirements. The tactics made it appear his […]

Immigration consultant council suspends licence of former Edmonton MLA Carl Benito The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council has temporarily suspended the licence of former Edmonton MLA Carl Benito. (CBC News) The federal council that regulates immigration consultants has temporarily suspended the licences of former Edmonton MLA Carl Benito and one of his sons, as it awaits the outcome of a Canada Border Services investigation of […]

Lawsuits allege Brampton PC candidate defrauded would-be immigrants Immigration consultant Ripudaman Dhillon is running for PCs in Brampton North (…) CBC News obtained copies of four active lawsuits against the firm and Dhillon, who also does business under the name Ripudaman Singh. All the cases were filed in Brampton within the past 10 months. Each plaintiff has different legal representation. All the suits allege that Dhillon’s firm […]

Rich investors granted Canadian residency despite suspicions of fake documents and dubious assets Some rich foreigners seeking Canadian residency under a special Quebec program for wealthy investors couldn’t point to the province on a map, while others submitted fake documents or disguised their assets — yet many of them were still accepted for immigration, former civil servants say. The officials, charged with administering the Quebec Immigrant Investor […]