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First of two conspiracy trials for alleged ‘drug kingpin’ begins in Windsor

First of two conspiracy trials for alleged 'drug kingpin' begins in Windsor Lakeshore resident and alleged drug dealer, Khaophone Sychantha COURTESY OF U.S. CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT / WINDSOR STAR There was a beefed-up border security presence — including a sniffer dog and agents with mirrors under his vehicle — but a Detroit man with Windsor family ties […]

Human smuggler Mohammed Rafiq handed prison term over false refugee claimants

Smuggling two women into Canada as refugees has landed a Calgary man a two-year prison term. Provincial court Judge Josh Hawkes on Wednesday said jail was necessary considering Mohammed Rafiq’s extensive involvement in the smuggling scheme. “He also assisted in the retrieval and reuse of a well-executed forged Pakistani passport, an important task in the ongoing […]