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Foreign ownership of companies of Canada Foreign owned companies among Canada’s current largest companies Main article: Branch plant economy Asia Pacific Marine Container Lines (Asia Pacific Group Canada), one of Canada’s largest cargo transport companies owned by Leung Maritime Group, Hong Kong Kia Canada Inc., owned by South Korea’s Kia Motors General Electric Canada Co. (Formerly Canadian General Electric), a wholly owned unit […]

COMMENTARY: Liberals seek to make immigration ‘wedge issue’ for 2019 federal election

COMMENTARY: Liberals seek to make immigration ‘wedge issue’ for 2019 federal election   Unlike the United States, which has long relied on immigrants to fill unskilled jobs, Canada’s immigration program selects for specific qualifications, mitigating the criticism that newcomers “steal” jobs from workers, one which has long fueled anti-immigration rhetoric south of the border. But […]

Tanzania’s anti-homosexuality purge is making Ottawa anxious Anti-gay harassment has increased in Tanzania since the election of President John Magufuli. (Khalfan Said/The Associated Press) Official anti-gay prejudice in Tanzania is causing Canadian officials to reassess this country’s relationship with one of Canada’s biggest aid recipients. Arrests of gay men in Zanzibar over the weekend, and the launch of “anti-gay patrols” in the […]

Halifax is not Canada’s Black Mecca Tundé Balogun is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is owner of The Objective News Agency, a special investigative documentary-style news outlet covering issues important to Black communities that mainstream media miss. Find out more at SANDRA C. HANNEBOHM From education to employment, government and media, Halifax has a blatant culture of systemic racism. In […]