Lawsuits allege Brampton PC candidate defrauded would-be immigrants

Immigration consultant Ripudaman Dhillon is running for PCs in Brampton North


CBC News obtained copies of four active lawsuits against the firm and Dhillon, who also does business under the name Ripudaman Singh. All the cases were filed in Brampton within the past 10 months. Each plaintiff has different legal representation. All the suits allege that Dhillon’s firm asked for several thousand dollars in fees in advance but failed to provide the promised immigration services.

  • Ram Krishnan Mahay of Mississauga is asking for $14,500 in damages, claiming breach of contract, unjust enrichment and fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • Muhammad Kausar Ahmad of Mississauga is seeking $24,000 in damages
  • Chandulal Patel of Brampton is suing the firm for $11,640
  • Naunihal Kalkat of Brampton is claiming $7,000
  • (…)

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