Judge finds Rohinie Bisesar not criminally responsible

A schizophrenic woman who stabbed an innocent stranger to death in the city’s underground PATH network was found not criminally responsible for first-degree murder, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

Judge finds PATH stabber not criminally responsible

Crown and defence lawyers agreed Rohinie Bisesar walked into Shoppers Drug Mart, stabbed Rosemarie Junor with a small knife bought at a dollar store, put the weapon on a counter and walked out. (Toronto Police Service)

Rohinie Bisesar, 43, was suffering from “severe” untreated schizophrenia when she stabbed Rosemarie (Kim) Junor and was incapable of knowing the act was morally or legally wrong, said Justice John McMahon.

“This is an extremely tragic case,” said McMahon, calling Junor, 28, a “bright, young woman.”

On Dec. 11, 2015, she was shopping for lotion for her husband at an underground Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto’s downtown financial district when Bisesar, armed with a knife, entered the store.


The mother of Rosemarie Junor, Rosalind Junor, speaks to media after Rohinie Bisesar was found not criminally responsible in fatal stabbing of Rosemarie Junor on Tuesday (Dave Abel/Toronto Sun)

Rohinie Bisesar (left) is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly fatally stabbing Rosemarie Junor in a Shoppers Drug Mart in the PATH tunnels below the Financial District on Dec. 11, 2015.

Rohinie Bisesar (left) Rosemarie Junor (right)


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