Matthew Green on race, power, politics and more as Hamilton’s 1st black city councillor

“People might consider me to be fairly confrontational,” says Matthew Green. But for the most part, he says, he agreed with his fellow councillors. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)


We asked Green what it was like to be Hamilton’s first black city councillor.

Why do you think that the city hasn’t had a black city councillor before you?

When I ran, I did not run as an African-Canadian councillor. I didn’t run to be the first of anything. The realization only came Oct. 27, 2014, probably 10 minutes after the results were read. It occurred to me that I would be representative of a community that hadn’t had representation since Lincoln Alexander. It also occurred to me that I would have a responsibility to create a culture of engagement and participation that would encourage other people of colour to run.

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